Buying a Car Could Be Your Next Adulting Move. We Found a Great One For You

Kia Stonic 1

Millennials in their mid-20s and late 30s have an internal “adulting” checklist of things they should accomplish at a certain age. A salary in a certain range. A house or a condo. Maybe even a family. But given the tough times we are in because of the pandemic, these things have to be put on hold as we align our priorities. Given that, there’s an adulting move that has become even more essential now with social distancing guidelines: get a car.

A car is helpful for those who frequently go out for work or for errands. It lessens your risk of getting sick since it limits your contact with the outside world. If you are also the chosen tribute to go to the supermarket, a car is necessary since you’ll need the space to bring home all the groceries you’ll need for a few weeks. And if you’re brave enough to travel by land to the provinces that have reopened to tourists, having your own car can give you peace of mind.

If you’re thinking of getting a car, whether it’s your first or your latest, we found a great one for you: the Kia Stonic. It’s a stylish new ride with modern features that’s perfect for millennials looking to step up in life and make their next adulting move.

Kia Stonic 4

One look at the design and you know it’s perfect for millennials. Looks play a role in how we select things and the Kia Stonic does not disappoint. It comes in a variety of two-tone color combinations to show off your individuality, but we’re in love with the Most Yellow. It’s a bright and sunny color, and is the perfect antidote to these gloomy times. Its distinctive and muscular design is also award-winning and Instagrammable!

Kia Stonic 3

We also love the Kia Stonic’s features and it begins the moment you get in the car. Its Smart Entry and Push Start mean you’re ready to go without fumbling for car keys. It comes with a touch screen infotainment system so you can open maps, play music, and even listen to audiobooks. There are six speakers strategically placed around the vehicle so you have surround sound while driving.

Kia Stonic 2

The Kia Stonic is a great vehicle for road trips since it has a spacious interior and flexible cargo. You can adjust the back seat so you can place a surfboard or a bike (or bags of groceries if you need to drop by the supermarket). But remember, always practice health and safety precautions if you choose to travel.

You can drive with confidence since the Kia Stonic comes with DRIVE WiSE technology. It watches out for trouble, alerts you, and even step in to keep you safe, whether you’re parking, driving through streets, or you’re on the highway.

This vehicle is a great car for millennials since it’s both stylish and functional. The best part? It’s surprisingly affordable. The Kia Stonic starts at P735,000!

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