Business: My Top 5 Promising Brands at the Franchise International Expo 2016

When in Manila, you will see establishments emerging simultaneously. You’d notice real estate properties, restaurants, and other businesses rising and flourishing every now and then. This goes to show that the Philippines’ economy is growing exponentially.

Franchise Expo 2016

Such a great feeling to see Filipinos (and even foreigners) interested and exploring their business options in the country.

Personally, I would love to have a business of my own. However, having one is not a walk in the park. It requires knowledge, passion, and a lot of patience. Most often than not, lack of knowledge is the reason why businesses don’t develop. As luck would have it, there are businesses that are open for franchising. And that’s what I’m going to share with you today!

Franchise Expo

Apart from gathering my top 5 choices for franchising, these mascots were the highlight of the day! They are from different brands but started dancing to the tune of “One Call Away.” We got served!

I came across an event today called Franchise International Expo at SMX, MOA. At first, I was hesitant to go because number 1: I don’t have much knowledge  and number 2: not enough funds to start a business.

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What is franchising?

In simple terms, franchising is a business strategy for getting and keeping customers. It is a network of business relationships that allows a number of people to share: (1) brand identification (2) successful method of doing business and (3) a proven marketing and distribution system. (Source)

In short, if you want a worry-free business, you may choose this strategy for the time being.

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 brands that are promising and unique!

5. The Paper Stone

Franchise expo 2016

Originally from Singapore, The Paper Stone is a stationery and gift item brand with original and creative designs fit for all ages! It’s perfect for young entrepreneurs who love arts and crafts, fancy pens, and a lot more! It’s a chic and trendy premium stationery and paper goods store that specializes in delightful designs.

According to the representative, it’s best to place the kiosks at malls, school/office districts, and major access to high-end communities. The Paper Stone offers kiosks and in-line products. So, if you are into crafts and creative stuff, this business may be beneficial for you!

4. Citrus Zone Refreshment

I know there’s a lot of refreshment establishments available in the market. But, this is promising for me. If there’s coffee-on-the-go, there’s also a refreshing drink that’s perfect for health buffs like you.

franchise expo

Vitamin C is essential to our immune system, especially to women with PCOS or PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome. It helps regulate the hormones and induces your period the natural way. Therefore, if you are inclined with healthy stuff, you might want to check this brand out!

3. I Do Nails

franchise expo 2016

Calling all moms out there!! If you are looking for a fancy yet affordable nail salon business, you might want to swing by their booth tomorrow! Whether you’re a busy gal on a budget or in need of some serious R&R time, I Do Nails has something that’ll suit the level of pampering you need. Drop by to get more information. (Photo courtesy of I Do Nails Facebook)

2. Quicklean

franchise expo

Anything that would help parenting and household chores more bearable, I try. So, when my friend Patty of mrspcuyugan.com shared about a coin laundry inside BF (Homes), I immediately used it. Lo and behold, it’s every Yaya-less momma’s wish come true! Quickclean is one of the rapid growing business in the country. Its unique turn-key business model is designed to be as easy as it gets for their franchisees! Visit their booth and I tell you, it’s promising!

1. Johann Coffee and Beverages

Johann Coffee and Beverages certainly caught my attention earlier.

franchise expo

Sure you’ve seen food trucks before, but a coffee (and pastry) truck concept is pretty exceptional!

franchise expo 2016

Johann also offered a free coffee of your choice to those who are interested. The prices are also affordable and the quality is notable. Their cafe concepts are designed to create a distinct coffee lifestyle and experience in every person or community, specifically for the youthful dynamic, and independent-minded coffee lovers like me!

Franchise expo 2106

According to the lady I spoke to earlier, Johann Coffee and Beverages offers four kinds of concepts: (1) Full store (2) open space which is the coffee truck (3) Espresso which is similar to kiosks you see in the mall and (4) the Brewed, which is perfect for start-ups. She even reiterated that their mantra is “coffee for all.” They want everyone to taste the same quality coffee but within your means!

Those are just 5 of the 500 franchise outlets showcased at the expo! Major brands were there, and even agricultural concepts like rice or bigasan were present as well. So, if you have been wondering on what to franchise, I encourage you to swing by SMX MOA tomorrow!

If you had the money now, what would you franchise? Share your thoughts in the comments below!