Busboy in the Philippines Clears Table in Under 30 Seconds!

Ever just wanted to sit down and eat but the tables at the restaurants are not yet ready? Well, this busboy is able to clear up the table in less than 30 seconds!!

Ms. Twinkle Floro captured this video of Reyl Celada, a hardworking foodcourt busboy from Robinson’s Butuan.

“Fastest busser in the world! This guy was just flaring! He should be famous. We saw him at the food court in Robinsons Butuan and Ben went up to him first and handed him a Php100 and asked for his name and shook his hand whilst I was signaling that we’d take his video because the guy was just a machine. His name is Reyl Celada (updated his name after 24 hours, we just had to call Robinsons admin to find out after we hit 80,000 views), and the first thing he said to Ben was, “I just enjoy my job”. Watch it! Record breaking 28 seconds!”


More than just his “unique” skill, what made us decide to share this video is his humble answer. He simply enjoys his job hence he does the best he can do. What do you guys think of Reyl’s awesome talent? Know other Filipinos who can do something like this? Do share!

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