Burger King Introduces Meatless Burger and We Want It Right Now

100% Flame-grilled, 0% Beef

Beef patty, tomato, lettuce, sauce, and bun. When we’re talking burgers, that’s the first thing that comes to mind—especially if said burger is a Whopper from Burger King.

But here’s the thing: vegetarians and non-beef eaters can’t relish in this meaty goodness… until now, that is.

Famous burger chain Burger King Philippines added a creative spin to its famous Whopper Burger, and surprise, surprise: it’s now meatless!

After debuting in the US market last 2019, Burger King’s plant-based burger became such a hit that other countries adopted it too. And now, the Philippines gets its turn through the launch of Burger King’s Plant-Based Whopper.

Photo from Burger King Philippines

Photo from Burger King Philippines

The Plant-based Whopper features a meatless patty made with soy proteins. Made in partnership with Australia’s #1 plant-based company V2Food, the patty still retains a smoky, flame-grilled flavor, just like Burger King’s signature Whopper patty. This was made possible through successfully identifying the flavor precursors of meat and deriving it from plant-based sources. The result is not just a flavor that’s close to the real deal, but also one with a texture and aroma much like its meaty counterpart.

“What we are offering our customers is an option. Filipinos are such huge meat-eaters, and the insight for this local roll-out is to provide them with an affordable alternative to reduce meat intake with an equally satisfying product,” says Allan Tan, Marketing Director for Burger King Philippines. “We’ve seen more developed markets making the shift earlier on, and locally, we see the Plant-Based Whopper as a game-changer, a revolutionary product.

We wanted to be at the forefront of that shift here.”

Photo from Burger King Philippines

Photo from Burger King Philippines

How to Order

Love burgers or just want to make the healthy switch? Burger King’s Plant-based Whopper is available in all Burger King branches across Metro Manila starting November 16, and will soon roll out nationwide. The burger will be available through dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, or even via delivery (#2-22-22/GrabFood/Foodpanda/Lalafood) options at a starting price of ₱89 for the junior size.

With its claim-to-fame that it tastes just like a Burger King® signature flame-grilled beef burger, you still get the same flavors and elements as you would from a burger—all the good stuff—just meatless this time around.

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What’s your go-to order in Burger King?

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