Burger Company Turns One – 20% off on EVERYTHING!

3 - Striker's Burger (Double-Double)

For almost a year now, avid fans of true American burgers have found a sanctuary in the corner of Mother Ignacia Avenue and Scout Reyes in Quezon City. Indeed, you read that right—Burger Company, the restaurant that has been serving Metro Manila one of the thickest and juiciest burger patties available today, is turning a year old.  Burger Company is the upgraded version of the now defunct Boulevard Diner (an old favorite of food bloggers), and was conceptualized and developed by two young and passionate burger lovers, Alvin Ong and Francis Fabie.

Alvin Ong is the chef and operations manager of Burger Company. A CCA graduate, his phi- losophy in cooking is to deconstruct his childhood favorites and  recreate it into new flavors for his dishes. Francis Fabie is the public relations and marketing manager of Burger Company. A graduate of Organizational Communication from DLSU, he is a foodie at heart and has a pen- chant for fantastic burgers and exquisite steaks.

7 - Striker's Wings

Starting Out

Alvin used to own a small burger joint called Boulevard Diner along Xavierville Avenue near Katipunan Avenue  that  served some of the  best burgers, hot  buffalo wings, and  super thick milkshakes you could  find around town. “I used to be a loyal customer of Boulevard Diner,” ex- plained Francis, “I would bring different sets of friends every week  so I could  promote it until it closed down  in 2012.”

“I lost my favorite burger place. I  tried everything and  nothing could  compare,” Francis ex- claimed. “So after almost a year, I decided to ask Alvin if he wanted to open it again and he said yes.”

“I wanted to upgrade the concept so we used Certified Angus Beef for the burgers, chargrilled them,  and  widened the  array  of flavors available,” Alvin said. “Because of this, we decided to change the name altogether.” And just like that,  Burger  Company was born.

Burgers, Wings, and More

Burger Company offers a wide array of flavors and choices. Aside from burgers, they also serve wings, fries, appetizers, desserts, sodas, and milkshakes. They believe in creating quality food and providing a great overall experience at a reasonable price.

 4 - Slam Jam

Below are some of Burger Company’s best sellers:

Gorgonzola & Mushroom is the go-to  burger of our first time customers. It is topped with cheese, sautéed oyster mushrooms, and gorgonzola dressing (a type of bleu cheese). The mild aged taste of the gorgonzola complements the oyster mushrooms.

 6 - Firefighter's Pride

Buffalo Wings tossed in Firefighter’s Pride sauce are your classic buffalo wings. The heat  of this is just right, not too hot and not mild either.

 5 - Bacon Dippers

Bacon Dippers are the crowd favorite. These are lightly battered whole strips of bacon crispy fried, served with cheese sauce on the side. Simple yet so good!

 8 - Soda Float

This is one of the few places that you can still get a classic A&W Root Beer Float. It will definitely take you back  to the good  ol’ days. They also serve other  imported sodas like Dr. Pepper, Cher- ry Coke,  and  more.  Plus, they create handspun, super thick milkshakes using  real ice cream.

Not Your Average Diner

Burger Company is not your typical burger joint. The design of the place makes it look hip, cozy, and  unusual in a good  way.  The unique  atmosphere and  welcoming staff just really help you enjoy your food and your company.

Moreover, Burger Company expanded the awesome burger experience with interactive fun. This year, they became the first and only burger-and-boardgaming restaurant in the Philippines. Right now, they have a library of over 40 titles and welcome both boardgaming enthusiasts and curious friends and family who want to try. Aside from their boardgaming events, they are also opening their doors to events like comedy, acoustic, and trivia nights. Details about their events are always posted on their Facebook page so check them out regularly.

In a way, Burger Company wants to create an experience that is conducive to bonding friends and families together through good food and clean fun.

Celebrating One Year

Celebrate  with  Burger  Company on  their  first  year  anniversary  on  August  9, 2014,  Saturday. That  weekend, from August 8 to 10,  you  can  enjoy 20%  off on  all food  items just by having everyone on your table post photos and tagging the restaurant on their social media accounts.

So if you’re looking for a great restaurant for your big date, or for a cool place to eat and play with your friends, or even just a cozy place to spend with your family and loved ones—look no further.  Burger  Company offers something for everyone.

Burger  Company’s First Year Anniversary Celebration will happen on Saturday, August 9. They will be open from 11AM to 11PM. This is going to be one  awesome celebration you don’t want to miss.


Burger  Company is located at 72B Scout Reyes, corner Mother  Ignacia Avenue,  Barangay Pa- ligsahan, Quezon City. They are situated across St. Mary’s College and Crossroad 77 and are near  the areas of St. Paul Parish, Timog Avenue,  and  Delta, Quezon Avenue.

Burger Company is open to serve you daily from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Their last call is at 10:00

PM and  is extended to 11:00  PM when  they  have  scheduled events. If you have  any inquiries, you can  contact them  at 949 2269 or e-mail them  at burger.company.ph@gmail.com.

Check them out online at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BurgerCompanyPH Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/BurgerCompanyPH Instagram: https://instagram.com/burgercompanyph Website: http://burgercompanyph.com

      A - Burger Company Circle Logo

Burger Company Turns One – 20% off on EVERYTHING!

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