BulSU to launch first University-based media awards

By: Dean Carlo Ventura and Patricia Morales | The BulSU Journalism Society

First of its kind in the province, Bulacan State University’s (BulSU) College of Arts and Letters maps out an award-giving body for film, music, radio and television, the Batarisan Awards, which is set to launch on March 11.

The event, which will be attended by various news and entertainment personalities, is expected to introduce the ceremony and its advocacy to the public – to challenge the Philippine media in producing quality content that can uphold the Filipino culture.

Batarisan will also double as a mini-performance concert that will showcase the rich culture of Filipinos through the university’s cultural performers.

“There are a lot of university-based award-giving bodies sa buong Pilipinas and halos lahat sila ay similar. Itong Batarisan, it was designed to be different,” said Kenneth Dimaano, executive director of Batarisan.

An old Tagalog word for ‘bayanihan,’ ‘Batarisan’ was coined by the Mass Communication students who initially proposed the media awards last year as an undergraduate research but is limited to television categories only.

The long process of choosing the awardees started with a filtration in every category in order to set a standard for selection. From there, 10 personalities who were qualified based on the criteria were listed.

Ten names for each category were handed out to the College of Arts and Letters organizations who then decided who will complete the Top 5. The faculty of the college, which comprises of media and cultural arts practitioners, sorted the top 3 finalists to be distributed to 30,000 respondents and students of BulSU, who will then decide the recipient of the trophy still relying on the specified criteria.

Batarisan Awards is set to happen in Valencia Hall, Bulacan State University, as the preparations are already being made.

For more information and to be updated, follow Batarisan’s social media page facebook.com/BatarisanAwards .

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