BugOut Mosquito Repellent Bracelets: Another Innovative Way to Protect Your Loved Ones From Mosquito Bites

Protect your loved ones with these trendy and coolest mosquito repellent products!

Fact: you can only take care of your children as far as your eyes can see. Once they leave the house regardless of the season, you only hope they don’t pick up any viral diseases or get stung by mosquitoes.


Usually, fever is the first sign of our kids getting infected, which could lead to a more serious disease such as Pneumonia or Dengue. (Photo by WebMD.com)

Sanofi Dengue vaccine

Dengue is a disease common in tropical and sub-tropical countries and is transmitted through the bite of the Aedes mosquito.


As stated in most reports,  most dengue cases are from the NCR, Region 3, and Region 4-A. Dengue or Zika is an infection transmitted through skin contact and mosquito bites. The symptoms appear after 3-14 days (4-7 on the average) after the infection.

Fortunately, there are innovative products that help parenthood more meaningful. For instance, these trendy and super convenient BugOut mosquito repellant bracelets!

BugOut Anti-Dengue

Each bracelet comes with 4 refills. The citronella-lemon scent is also invigorating since it’s 100% natural. The ingredients are citronella, lavender, and clove plant essential oils.


These waterproof BugOut mosquito repellant bracelets have different colors: yellow, green, blue, pink, just to name a few. It was my privilege to receive yellow and green, which are my kids’ favorite colors! (And, their school colors, too!)

BugOut bracelets

Aside from the regular strap bracelet, they also have these cool and trendy designs to choose from.

These bracelets are easy to use.

BugOut mosquito repellant bracelet

Step 1: Open the insect repellent refill.


Step 2: Insert the refill through the mouth of the smiley bracelet.


Step 3: Once properly inserted, stretch the bracelet and strap it to your kid’s wrist.


And, voila! Your kid are safe and ready to play anytime, anywhere! These deet-free bracelets can be  worn on the wrists or ankle or attached to a bag or stroller. Recommended for children 2 years old and above.

So, what makes BugOut repellent mosquito bracelets stand out?

Personally, I’ve tried other brands. While they share the same purpose, I love how BugOut made it more economical by prolonging its effectivity. Each refill is effective for 7 days but was able to use it for 10 days.

Furthermore, according to them, the bracelet could protect your children within a radius of 1.5 meters or 3 feet.

Ultimately, it is convenient and hassle-free. No need for you to bring heavy and bulky lotions or sprays just for you and your children to be mosquito-free. You can perfectly bring it to your outdoor activities such as  camping, fishing, swimming, or even strolling at a mall!

Thank you very much BugOut Repellent Philippines for sending these innovate products for us to use. The kids love it and as for me, it helped keep my sanity.

Check them out on Facebook.com/bugoutrepellentph for more details!

So, have you got any tips on how to naturally prevent mosquito bites or dengue? Share your thoughts below!


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