Bug and Kelly – Musically Inspired Kids Wear

When in Manila – I have this very adorable 2 year old godchild. She’s very sutil, very smart, very takaw, but still, very adorable. Her mom’s been my bff since college, and I can say that her little angel took on most of her traits (not the ones I’ve mentioned except for the very smart part). At the age of 2, my inaanak is already obsessed with the arts (draws practically on any surface, intently watches artsy fartsy stuff, the works), and music. Rock music at that. So when I saw Bug and Kelly I knew that not only will her parents be amazed, she would’ve loved them too if only she could read. 



 Sting and the Police



 The Beatles



 Joni Mitchell 



 Bob Marley






 They also have an array of equally cool “mainstream” clothing line


Bug and Kelly is a clothing store for children, built for musically inclined parents by music aficionados  Julio (the owner and the Bug in Bug and Kelly) is a music geek who wished to bring out his love for the tunes by bringing them into print. Take a Piece of My Heart, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, and Strawberry Fields Forever are some of the shirts I love.



Armed with wit and their love for music, Bug and Kelly was born

When in Manila, spread the love of music to the young ‘uns by giving them shirts from Bug and Kelly. Catch them at the next bazaar or visit their Facebook page and find out what they’re cooking for the  kids. Not only will you inject some musical influence to your kiddo, you’ll also make other people smile when they sing the tunes in their head as your adorable one passes them by.


Bug and Kelly 

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Bug and Kelly – Musically Inspired Kids Wear


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