BUDOL ALERT: Watsons is holding a huge sale with discounts up to 50% off!

Gearing up, for the summer? This summer is quite different from what you’re used to. Finding alternative ways to spend the summer indoors or in outdoor places that are not crowded is the challenge. The good news is that one thing still remains the same about summer in the country: the heat we feel day and night. The warm weather means that there are many possible activities to explore, whether it’s indoors or in the safe outdoors. But, it also entails the need to keep protecting yourself and your family from sicknesses and the heat.

As you experience another summer at home or in outdoor open spaces, make sure to equip yourself with important items that you need to stay safe and protected from sicknesses and the heat. Aside from keeping you healthy, these must-haves will also give you a great summer experience, even if it’s different from what you’re used to. Through its wide range of health and beauty items, Watsons ensures that all your summer needs are met and makes shopping easy by putting your necessities in one place. Best of all they are actually having a Summer beauty sale this weekend! Yes, you heard me right this weekend we can stock up on our favorite brands available in store, online or via call to deliver. These items will be on sale until May 5 only.  So get ready, set and shop!

Here is a sneak peak of the brands that they will be showcasing for their #WatsonsHotSummerPicks:

Take your pick form brands such as Nivea, Enervon, Kolours, Betadine, Bioderm and etc!

Protect Moisture SPF50 Body Lotion 125ml 10035378 e1619776670801

Series By Solenn Ash Brown 50002411 e1619776114395Family Germicidal Soap Coolness 135g 50001731Aside from these summer products, did you know that you can now make sustainable choices with Watsons’ Clean Beauty line. Showcasing their products that are not only good for your body but for the environment as well. Clean Beauty products do not contain any unwanted ingredients and have at least one benefit to society and the environment. Watsons recognizes brands and products that were mindfully created to better serve consumers and minimize waste. These are committed to long-term initiatives which will make sustainability a norm and further the call for environmental consciousness.



There are a lot of Clean Beauty brands and products to choose from at Watsons. Hair care brands such as Naturals by Watsons, Love Beauty & Planet, and Herbal Essences are available in Watsons to keep your locks healthy. Personal care brands such as Dove, Nivea Bio Aloe, and Palmolive have Clean Beauty offerings now, too. Lastly, you may add some Clean Beauty skincare brands to your routine by checking out products from Luxe Organix, Aveeno, and Thayers.



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So what are you waiting for, with over 800+ stores you can check out which Watson store is nearest to you at http://bit.ly/ShopWatsonsCleanBeautyNationwide

You can also shop online via mobile app http://bit.ly/WatsonsMobileApp or via http://bit.ly/ShopWatsonsCleanBeautyOnline or use their call & delivery service at select stores: http://bit.ly/ShopWatsonsCleanBeautyviaCallandDelivery