Budget for a Gadget: SHIFT PH to Launch Project E-ducation In Response to Pandemic-Stricken Education System

SHIFT PH is a youth organization with the primary goal to better current societal conditions and ultimately shift the balance. In line with this collective vision, SHIFT decides to look into the struggling education sector of the country today and will launch a large-scale donation drive as a response to the pandemic-stricken school year that has undeniably affected many. August 10, 2020 will mark the opening of this month-long nationwide initiative, entitled Project E-ducation, which will raise both monetary and in-kind donations to help provide electronic devices and other educational needs to students currently incapable of following through with their school’s established online curriculum and attending online classes. With this main purpose in mind, SHIFT hopes for the project to gain wider reach and attract more audiences, sponsors, and donors–all referred to as E-ducators–for the success of its objectives. 

The Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) announcement, specifically indicating that schools with the capacity to operate should carry on with the upcoming school year, sets a significant imbalance and level of inconvenience for a vast number of educators and learners. Furthermore, public schools are often underfunded and will likely not be capable of providing their gravely affected students with the much-needed educational materials and devices. Given this situation, SHIFT PH deems it necessary to ever uphold universal access to education and give a hand to those who must undergo online schooling without the necessary resources to participate. With this cause comes Project E-ducation–a nationwide fundraiser that is open-to-all and actively spans from August 10 to September 10, 2020. 

Under the main donation drive, SHIFT will also be holding mini events and activities so as to further attract various audiences and promote and fulfil the project’s mission. Aside from its own sub-projects, it will be launching the related fundraising initiatives of its partner organizations as well. The entirety of the proceeds from these affairs will be directly used to provide for both Caloocan High School and Cebu Young Leaders Summit: Project E-skwela beneficiaries. 

With the welfare of learners as well as the quality and accessibility of education on the line at this critical time, SHIFT PH ardently encourages everyone to be E-ducators and take part in ultimately shifting the balance. 

SHIFT tries to see the world for what it could be – a world that is free for all, and a world that is united in the pursuit of justice. SHIFT is an acronym that stands for Social and Humanitarian Involvement for Tomorrow. Here, Social and Humanitarian refers to the issues that SHIFT aims to resolve – those that affect Philippine society, and that require humanitarian compassion and aid. By addressing and involving ourselves within these issues, SHIFT hopes to create a community of youth that is aware and well-informed, becoming members of the society who have the initiative to try and “shift” the scales for the betterment of all. 

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