Budget Airline Woes: Alleged Forceful Opening of Luggage and Possible Theft

Budget Airline Woes: Alleged Forceful Opening of Luggage and Possible Theft



Domestic and overseas travel has been made more feasible and easier due to the discounted flights offered by many budget airlines. In the Philippines, we have several budget airlines to choose from, which gives us the power to pick among them when destinations and schedules permit. However, choosing a budget airline has its downsides because several traditional passenger services are removed or are only provided  at a certain cost. A few of these services include on-board services, reserved seating, and extra baggage. Moreover, when there are complaints regarding flying on a budget airline, some usually react by responding that it’s a budget airline, what else to expect?

However, recently, a complaint from a traveler surfaced the Internet that came along with the photo below. What do you notice on this photo?

Budget airline mishap(Image from: Alvin Cabayan) 

According to the one who posted it, the lock of his luggage was allegedly destroyed to open it and possibly steal the valuables inside it. Here is his full post:

Thank you for flying me back home safely, but I hope next time your crew will ensure the safety not only of your passengers but also their luggages!!!

I do not appreciate people destroying the lock (there are plyer marks) of my checked-in baggage, violate my things (all the zippers inside are open, and the rubber rope that tie your things together is unhooked) and try to steal any valuables(what other reason could it be).

Good thing that I am a cheap-s**t and don’t have anything worth stealing, except of course my colorful bench body underwears which costs a fortune!!

Even the ground crew admitted that it seems that someone forcefully disengaged the lock!!! I showed them the plyer marks the moment one of your ground crew tried to talked me into thinking that it could be just because of a shaky ride!!

He mentioned that even the ground crew admitted that that the luggage might have been intentionally opened.

And the sad thing is, in our flight T****8, I am not the only one complaining about their violated luggages. One lady lost a bag, and on the bags the she got, there are stolen valuables (the weight of the baggage when she left sg is 10kg more than the weight when she arrived in Manila). 10 f***ing kg of valuables lost in the flight + the other bag that did not arrive. Another complainant is the wife of my friend Jansen M., she is unlucky to be in the same flight as me and she lost all her perfume because of the s**tty security that this airline have!!

He added that the unfortunate event didn’t only happen to him because another passenger also complained about her luggage being way lighter than we she checked it in from their destination. Furthermore, her other bag was said to have not arrived. Also, a friend of the traveler who posted the story  was on the same flight and claimed to have lost all her perfume.

I already filed a complaint and I want to hear your s**t soon. I WANT MY F***ING BAG REPLACED AND THE PERSON THAT STEAL THINGS PUNISHED BY DEATH SENTENCE GAME OF THRONES STYLE!!! Never again will I book your service.

To all my friends, if you value your things and do not want to feel violated, spend a little more on a better airline than this s**t. Lesson learned.

He said that he already filed a complaint and is now waiting for a response from the airline. He also wanted his bag replaced and the culprit be charged. 


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Budget Airline Woes: Alleged Forceful Opening of Luggage and Possible Theft