BTS’ V Speaks Up About Fans Who Invade Their Privacy

BTS is one of the most famous K-Pop groups out there at the moment. So, when there was a live broadcast on Naver’s live stream service V Live recently, ARMYs jumped at the chance to ask BTS’ V some of their most burning questions.

(In case you don’t know who he is, read this: Who is BTS Member V?)

Aside from the basic questions about his hair (which can’t be avoided, really – his hair changes more often than I change my shirt, yet he looks great every single time he changes it), V also talked about sasaengs – fans who go too far in terms of fangirling, even going to lengths of invading their idols’ privacy by stalking them.

V shared that as much as BTS wants to travel on a chartered plane when they travel, for example, they can’t do that because some ARMYs find out which plane they are taking, book seats near them, and basically make the whole trip uncomfortable for the members.

“In a place like that, we can’t rest comfortably,” he explains. “It is very uncomfortable. To be honest, we don’t want you to do that. It’s scary.” So, dear ARMYs, as much as BTS might love us; there are limits to us fangirling. Let’s not forget that our idols are human, too, and that they need their personal space.

Since we’re on the BTS topic, who’s your favorite member? 😀

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