BTS Fans Outraged After YouTube Views on New “ON” Music Video Allegedly Disappeared

BTS Fans, also known as ARMYs are once again making trends on social media about the phenomenal KPOP group. Just a few days ago, BTS premiered a new music video on YouTube entitled “ON”. The music video is the second to be released from their “Map of the Soul: 7″ album.

The video broke numerous YouTube records, including the highest number of views during a YouTube premiere—seeing more than 1.5 million people watching the premiere altogether—and the fastest music video to reach 10 million views.

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While these records are a call for celebrations, fans of the group are outraged at YouTube after the site allegedly deleted views from the record-breaking music video.

The hashtags #YouTubeExplainThis and #YTBring98MBack have been trending on social media after angry fans called out YouTube for the alleged discrepancies in the video’s views.

According to many BTS fans, the YouTube live count for views on the video dropped from 83 million to 48 million.

As of writing, the “ON” music video has 50 million views, but fans are claiming that the site must have deleted more than 60 million views.

YouTube has already issued a statement through a tweet:

“It’s normal to see views slow down, freeze, or adjust while we verify that those are real and accurate,” YouTube stated, referring to their standard precautions against bots.

However, ARMYs insist that since BTS can sell out stadiums, break records, and reach hundreds of millions of fans worldwide, the high number of views wouldn’t be suspicious.

ARMYs continue to call out YouTube on social media and show no signs of slowing down until the site addresses the issue directly.

Watch the new BTS music video here:

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