BTS fans go wild as these two famous Twitter accounts tweeted about BTS on the same day!

BTS fans are going wild on Twitter right now as not just one, but two iconic performer/s’ Twitter accounts have tweeted about them on the same day. First, the official Michael Jackson Twitter account tweeted about their dance cover of “Black or White,” one of Michael Jackson’s most popular songs. And then a few hours later, the Bee Gees, after quote tweeting about them being on the #Hot100, also tagged BTS in a cute and sweet tweet that featured both groups in similar styles, saying, “We like your style!”

Check out the tweets below:

Because of this, BTS fans went wild on Twitter from the cute little nods to their favorite group. Many were glad to see that BTS was getting the same attention on the Billboard charts that the famous Western acts were getting–and rightfully so! What a group!

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