BTS Drops Webtoon and Fans are Loving It So Far

On January 17, ARMYs were in for a treat as K-pop world sensation BTS, in collaboration with Naver Webtoon, published a comic series about the BTS Universe. Fans are going crazy over it.

The webtoon “Save Me”, which has also been illustrated in the “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” (HwaYangYeonHwa) music videos, will bring you into the BTS Universe (BU). Big Hit Entertainment provided the plots, and LICO adapted and incorporated them into the webtoon.

This is one of BTS’ projects that ARMYs have been waiting for.

ARMYs who have been following their HYYH trilogy series believed that the mystery of their stories have been solved through this webtoon. Fans took to social media to post their reactions about it and to no surprise, they are loving it so far. The hashtags  #BTS_webtoon and #Save_Me hit the Twitter world as soon as the prologue and first two episodes were released.

Here are some fans’ reactions of the first few episodes of their new webtoon.

BTS member Jimin also took to Twitter to talk about how excited he is for their new webtoon.

For the first few episodes published so far, the webtoon has brought the story together, as well as confirmed and clarified theories about the Bangtan Universe and its meaning. As much as we would want to spoil the details, though, we’d rather suggest you go read the webtoon yourself (if you haven’t yet) and let us know your theories afterwards.

“Save Me” was first made public on BTS’ new Twitter account @Smeraldo_Books, which is also a part of the Bangtan Universe.

Fans can follow the story of our favorite septet by downloading the Line Webtoon app and keeping a close eye on @Smeraldo_Books’ Twitter feed. Each episode is updated every Thursday until April 2019.