Brown Paper Project: A Dream for Coffee Lovers in Katipunan

Brown Paper Project: A Dream for Coffee Lovers in Katipunan

Need a place to unwind with a cup of coffee and good company amidst school requirements and hectic schedules? Tucked away in Xavierville, Katipunan Avenue is the place for you – Brown Paper Project: A Coffee Community. Find out what makes this place special here (plus a secret, off-the-menu item, which you have to try when you visit them)!

Brown Paper Project: A Dream for Coffee Lovers in Katipunan

Keith Shy, one of the people behind Brown Paper Project

Brown Paper Project started in April 2016 as a small kiosk in Chino Roces. Fast forward to September 2016 and they opened up shop in what used to be a garage in Rosa Alvero along Xavierville.

Brown Paper Project is owned by a group of friends: Keith Shy, Franz Lim, Lianne Lim, and Jake Dionisio. Sometime in 2015, Keith drew a big interest in coffee, which prompted him to enroll in the Philippine Barista and Coffee Academy, Inc. Being a visionary with a love for coffee, Keith finally fulfilled his dream of creating a space for coffee lovers.

Head Barista, Jaycee Galera - 3rd Place winner in the Philippine Aeropress Championships July 2017

They are also staffed with excellent baristas – Jerome Misa, Jolo Marcelo, and their head barista Jaycee Galera (pictured above), who won third place at the Philippine Aeropress Championships last July 22, 2017. You can be guaranteed to get an excellent cup of coffee from these people.

Brown Paper Project: A Dream for Coffee Lovers in Katipunan

The ambience is very intimate and welcoming. Upon opening the doors, you will be greeted warmly by the staff and you can freely chat or even play board games with the baristas (provided that they’re not working on something at the moment), so you’ll feel like you’re part of a growing family instead of just going to a commercial establishment.

Brown Paper Project: A Dream for Coffee Lovers in Katipunan

The concept behind this establishment is that the coffee is very versatile despite being simple, just like brown paper. This means that it can be transformed into anything that you dream it to be. They make the coffee simple, so that it is the star of the show, as opposed to the commercial frappuccinos you might encounter where the coffee has been ushered to the side covered with tons of toppings and other additions.

In addition, the coffee beans from Brown Paper Project are from Kalsada Coffee, which gets their beans directly from farmers in Benguet. This gives their coffee a local and authentic taste.


Strait P160

Strait – Php160

Their menu is simple and straightforward, but here’s a secret, off-the-menu coffee that you can order: a strait. This coffee is inspired by Straits 7 from Singapore, but is tweaked for the local palate. This coffee is definitely a must-try if you are a coffee aficionado. It’s savory, sweet, and bitter at the same time; and the ingredients blend well together, creating a medley of different tastes on your tongue.

Peanut Butter Waffle P140

Peanut Butter Waffle – Php140

Aside from coffee, they also serve delicious waffles, of which our favorite is the peanut butter waffle. It’s crispy, not soggy, and is topped with thick peanut butter and whipped cream.

Tori Sandwich P180

Tori Sandwich – Php180

Customers also love their Tori Sandwich, which is a Japanese take on the common chicken sandwich as they use wasabi mayonnaise and nori. Their bread is also from an artisanal bakery, which shows their premium choice of materials in their dishes.

Brown Paper Project: A Dream for Coffee Lovers in Katipunan

Overall, you can see the love and attention poured into each and every aspect of this cafe – so much so that it’s not just a simple establishment, but truly a community of people sharing their love for coffee, which continues to grow by the day. Each entry through these doors will usually present you with familiar friendly faces, so just drop by and experience the warmth of a good cup of coffee and the warmth of this humble cafe.

Brown Paper Project

Ground Floor, 75B Rosa Alvero, Quezon City

0917 878 0800

Mon – Sat 9am – 11pm / Sun 9am – 8pm