Brown Belly: Beachwear for the City Girl

When In Manila, summers can be scorching but with the beach only a few hours away, every weekend can be an escape from the city. Many sea lovers flock to the sand to surf, tan, and spend lazy days among the waves. This is how Brown Belly was born.  




For most working women, shifting from blazers and heels to bikinis and summer dresses is no easy task. Brown Belly has the beach-loving city girl in mind, with versatile pieces that can take you from the city to the beach, wearable in both day and night. Given the city girl’s busy schedule, it’s not easy to find time to go shopping for that impromptu trip to the beach. Brown Belly is your one-stop shop for all things beach and travel, with bright, flowy pieces that remind you of days under the sun and long nights by the sea. 




Local selection of swimwear can be very limited, but Brown Belly stands out from the monotone with unique, vibrant tankinis. These pieces feature a layered bandeau, adjustable straps, and skinny side-string bottoms. 




Brown Belly boasts of a variety of pieces such as beach pants , bikinis, coverups, dress, tops, and bottoms. Their designs are playful and stylish without sacrificing comfort. With each piece carefully thought of and designed, you’ll be surprised by the small details such as quirky tassels, colorful braided strings, and so on.




Fall in love with their best sellers: the stunning bed jackets, the versatile Seminyak maxi dress, and the ultimate beach must-have: the Coastal Coverup Pants




What stands out about the brand the most is their versatility: beach wear and city living become synonymous as their pieces transform every city girl to a stunning beach babe without looking out of place. Their pieces are easily worn in the city and channel a vibrant beach vibe. When In Manila, be prepared to turn heads (whether on or off the beach) with Brown Belly! 


Brown Belly
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Brown Belly: Beachwear for the City Girl