Bronuts – The Leveled-Up “Cronut”

It is no mystery that Filipinos have a taste for anything sweet, delectable…and new. In recent years, food trends have been sprouting left and right — starting with the milk tea (that, at the beginning, fooled most people into thinking it was the “healthier” alternative to the frap), quickly followed by specialty donuts (with waiting lines that would weave around Megamall), and then ramen (no, there is still no true authentic ramen in Manila, in the strictest sense of the word).

One of the most popular trends that Manila has seen this year is the cronut. The cronut is basically a fusion of the croissant and a donut (hence, the name). You got it — the shape and form of a donut (complete with a center hole) made crisp and flaky with the airy texture of a buttery croissant. Several versions have been introduced, the most popular of which was by Wildflour. However, the brand that has been making waves as of late is BRONUTS.

The concept is a no-brainer — cronuts made by bros (not kidding), with non-traditional flavors and premium toppings. After hearing so much about Bronuts and seeing countless Instagram posts, I decided that I had to try it.


Obligatory box photo


…that comes with instructions.

What hit me upon unboxing is the generous size of each Bronutscronut. Trust me, even these photos don’t do justice to the actual size. Suffice to say that one Bronut can actually serve two, especially if you’re up to trying more than one flavor.


Giant Bronut portions


Up close and personal with the Bronut family

Which I did. One box fits 6 Bronuts. The bros recommended 4 of the bestsellers, which I have taken the liberty to categorizing (for my, and your, benefit):


Best for Brunch (or The Sophisticate)

Cream Cheese w/ Bacon

Cream Cheese w/ Bacon

This flavor was my first encounter with a savorycronut. It is topped with cream cheese that gave it some tartiness, just the way I like it. The center filling has a hint of onion and generously sprinkled with crumbled bacon. Real bacon, not the store-bought kind that comes in a shaker bottle.

Its rich flavor makes this cronut more of a light meal or snack fare than a dessert, perfect for breakfast or brunch, with something sweet on the side.


Best for Dessert (or The Indulgent Treat)


Belgian Chocolate w/ Salted Caramel

I never say no to salted caramel, especially when it’s paired with rich premium chocolate. What’s great about this flavor are 2 things: the bitterness of the chocolate is just right and the salty-sweet caramel creates the perfect balance.

Best for Snacks (or The Happy Bronut)


Blueberries and Cream

Kids will love this. Even I liked it and I’m not a fan of anything too sweet. The blueberry cream topping has just the right tartiness to offset its natural sweet flavor. The best part is the filling. While I was expecting just more cream, I was pleasantly surprised to see more blueberries oozing out from in between the cronut layers. I liked that the guys did not skimp on these little details.

Strawberry Yogurt

Strawberry Yogurt

This was made for the sweet tooth. From the bright pink topping color to its strawberry candy taste, it’s like biting into a giant happy pill — you will not deny the sugar rush that hits your palette. While this flavor was not my favorite amongst the four, I appreciated the attempt at a balanced taste by incorporating yogurt into the mix. Definitely best with coffee. And make it black.

Overall, I deem the Bronutcronut to be the “it” take-home / take-to-a-party / Christmas-goodie-gift of this coming holiday season. Boxes of 6 go for P600, a dozen for P1,200, and a piece for P110 (but you wouldn’t just get a piece, would you?). The prices may seem a bit steep, but personally, it’s value for money, considering the size, quality, and thought put into the development of each product.

Curious yet? Bronuts does not have a physical store (at the moment) but you can find them at the Bakers Dozen Fair at the Power Plant Mall every weekend from Friday to Sunday. Drop by the spot and chat them up. The bros will be there until the end of October.


written by:  Gen Tiu 


Bronuts – The Leveled-Up “Cronut”

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