Britney Spears Singing “Toxic” Without Autotune Sounds Awesome!

Britney Spears Toxic

A lot of singers rely on autotune and lip sync. Even the great Britney Spears is not immune to the two. Two years ago, a leaked version of “Alien” without autotune was ripped by media outlets, and last year, her manager confirmed that the singer was not singing live in her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas. However, loyal fans pointed out that Spears is an all-around performer and that her Vegas show is 90 minutes long, so she needs all the help she can get.

For those who doubt the singer’s talent, a leaked version of “Toxic” came out, and it sounds really good!

Listen to the leaked version below:

It’s not as polished as the version we’re used to, but it’s great to hear Spears singing the song in its purest form.

“Toxic” is the fourth single on Spears’ 2003 album In the Zone. Many have said that the song is the album’s strongest track, and it might be true. The song won the singer’s first and only Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording.

Spears is set to perform in Manila for the first time on June 15, 2017.

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