Britain’s Finest Tribute Relive The Beatles!

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Midas Hotel and  Casino and DMC Phils. introduce the Act you’ve known all these years The JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE & RINGO STORY. Starring BRITAIN’S FINEST as the BEATLES!
Relive the complete Beatles Experience this coming October 14, 8pm Wednesday at the tent of Midas Hotel and Casino, Pasay City. The Beatles experience as history Dictates that it should be.
The Beatles were more than just a bunch of hit songs The Look, The Sound, The Culture and most significantly the ENERGY of the youth in the 1960’s was all ignited by the coming of the Fab Four from Liverpool. Composed of members Luis Renteria (Ringo), Ruben Amaya (John), Benjamin Chadwick (Paul) and Robert Bielma (George), Britain’s Finest has been culled from the best Beatles tribute bands in the world”.
Britain’s Finest trancends far above other Beatles Tribute due to their precise  attention to detail. With uncanny, note-for-note live renditions of Beatles’ classic such as ” I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “Yesterday”, She Love You”, “Twist and Shout”, “Sgt. Pepper’s”, “Hey Jude,” etc. Britain’s Finest will make you think and feel you are watching the real thing. Their good looks, witty personality and amazing stage performances include costume changes representing every era of the Beatles career, and admiring and faithful tribute to the Beatles has amazed audiences nationally and internationally.
The event is presented by Midas Hotel & Casino and DMC Phils. Supported by Bolabog Beach Resorts,Bayang Magiliw Pilipinas,  GRAB TAXI,10 INCH Lights & Sounds with media partners like Manila Times, Business Mirror, Wish FM 107.5, YES FM 101.1, EASY ROCK 96.3 FM, RETRO 105.9 DCG-FM, DWWW774 ULTIMATE AM RADIO,GV99.1 Your Good Vibes, Manila Concert Scene, Philippine Concerts, When In, RAPPLER,

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