Brie Larson Put Smiles on Male Superheroes’ Faces. Here’s Why.

When Captain Marvel’s trailer came out, I remember being ecstatic because it was going to be the first movie led by a female superhero in the Marvel Comics Universe. GIRL. POWER.

Sadly, not everyone felt the same way. In fact, some people totally bashed Brie’s performance in the trailer, claiming that she should “smile more”. It is assumed that these statements were made because she is a woman whose positive emotions should be displayed for the enjoyment of others.

One particular Twitter user even put smiles onto the Captain Marvel’s promos to show what she should apparently look like. In the caption, the user says, “I fixed Captain Marvel!”

Well, Brie ain’t having none of it. To showcase just how ridiculous this demand is of a female superhero (and of a woman, in general really), Brie posted several Instagram stories featuring Marvel posters, where she put smiles onto the male Marvel superheroes. I can’t tell if they’re funny or creepy, but they sure are ridiculous. Check it out:

Brie Larson Instagram Stories Superheroes Smiling 3

Brie Larson Instagram Stories Superheroes Smiling 2

Brie Larson Instagram Stories Superheroes Smiling 1

Don’t they look downright ridiculous?

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Can you imagine the Marvel superheroes trying to save the world with smiles plastered on their faces? Do you think Brie should have been smiling more as Captain Marvel? Share your thoughts with us!