Brie Larson Covered Ariana Grande’s ‘My Everything’ For People Who Forgot She Had Musical Talent

Brie Larson is definitely on a roll lately in effortlessly making us all obsessed with her, from saving the fictional Marvel Cinematic Universe to serenading us with a beautiful cover of Ariana Grande’s “My Everything.”

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In the video, which she posted on Instagram stories, Brie dons a hoodie and leggings as she sings an acoustic rendition of Ariana’s soulful ballad with a guitar she borrowed from a friend.

Even Ariana was moved by Brie’s cover and shared it on her own account.

Ariana Grande Brie Larson My Everything Cover

Brie’s cover blew up on Twitter, as well, with fans shookt over her musical talent. However, plenty of others made it a point to remind everyone of Brie’s short-lived music career in 2005, when she came out with an album Finally Out of P.E. She was also known for her role as famous singer Envy Adams in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Nevertheless, we have all decided to stan her forever.

What did you think of Brie Larson’s cover?


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