Brick Burger: The First Lego-Themed Restaurant In The Philippines

Calling all Lego enthusiasts, kids at heart, and even the barkada who’s just looking for a cool new place to try. Brick Burger should be on your list of places you should try once in your lifetime!

Brick Burger

First opened in August of 2016, Brick Burger is the first Lego-themed restaurant in the Philippines. It was a concept created by a Lego enthusiast and multimedia artist.

The owner shares that it all started when he built a Lego model of an unbranded restaurant. Seeing his creation, he decided to start up a restaurant of his own. Then came the birth of Brick Burger.

Here are 5 reasons why everything is awesome at Brick Burger:

Brick Burger

5. It’s a Lego wonderland!

Everything about Brick Burger is everything Lego!

It’s not just the food that’s Lego-themed. Even the interior is made out of “giant Lego pieces.” The chairs and tables are giant versions of classic Lego pieces that can actually be detached and rearranged! There’s also a wall with huge Lego pieces that can be rearranged as well.

Brick Burger

There are also vast Lego worlds displayed around the interior; Lego versions of Brick Burger’s bestsellers, and little Lego characters.

They even lend a box of Lego pieces for customers to play with while they wait for their food!


Brick BurgerNacho Tuesday (Php 230)

4. They have the only brick buns in the world!

It’s not just the interior of Brick Burger that’s made out of Lego. Even their burger buns are Lego—Lego-shaped, that is.

Their brick bun is the only one of its kind in the world! That’s right, the world’s only brick buns can be found in the Philippines and are just within our reach. Isn’t that reason enough for you to go check out Brick Burger right now?

Plus, their food is totally Instagrammable. (You like that, don’t you?)


3. Not only are their food pretty to look at, but they taste so good, too!

The food at Brick Burger is cooked daily by great chefs—one of them being a contestant at a certain TV cooking show, and another from a five-star hotel.

Brick BurgerDarth Burger (Php 250)

Their bestsellers are the burgers, of course. One of them is called the Darth Burger—which has bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onions, barbecue sauce, along with a beef patty and black brick buns.

Another bestseller is the Nacho Tuesday (which is, despite its name, actually available every day). It’s a burger with actual nachos in it! It’s a mouthwatering burger with a bit of crunch. The Cheesy Mac is also a bestselling burger with—you guessed it—mac and cheese in it.

Brick BurgerCorrea’s Wings (Php 230)

Aside from burgers, they also have chicken wings (Correa’s Wings is a Brick Burger original that you must try), and desserts that taste just as good as they look. The Choco Oreo Ice Cream has edible brick-shaped chocolate that makes the Lego experience reach dessert.

Brick Burger

2. When you visit Brick Burger, you just might go home with Lego sets of your own!

Brick Burger gives you the chance to win your own Lego set!

They have the Lord Business Challenge for people who just want a bit more thrill with their food. It’s a food eating challenge where the player must finish a triple-patty burger with fries within three minutes or less. Winners get to bring home a Lego set that’s worth up to Php 4,000! How’s that for a food experience?

Brick Burger

1. It’s a must-try experience for everyone!

Brick Burger isn’t just for Lego fans or kids who love playing with Lego. It’s really for everyone. A visit to Brick Burger is a food experience that’s truly one of a kind.

It’s the first in the Philippines, and soon they may be expanding to international branches! We all definitely have to watch out for other branches that may open in the Metro.

Brick Burger

Where else will you find a food experience such as this? Brick burger buns?! Actual giant Lego furniture?! Edible brick-shaped chocolate?! It’s all here in Brick Burger!

For your next food trip, put Brick Burger at the top of your list. It’s one unique foodie place that you deserve to experience in your lifetime. At Brick Burger, you’ll be sure that everything is awesome!



Brick Burger

2F Hampton Gardens Arcade,
C. Raymundo Ave. Pasig City

Open daily 11AM-10PM