Bretman Rock tweeted something cryptic and we figured it out

So just a few hours ago, makeup artist and vlogger Bretman Rock tweeted “Girl I got something to tell y’all….” and his fans were immediately jumping up and down for the news. People were dropping memes in the replies, asking if he was pregnant, and some were even wondering if this was gonna be the big face reveal of his elusive beau.

However, Bretman then followed the tweet up with another:

People were quick to open their Spotify and check the 5th song. And what is it?

That’s right, it’s “Single Again.” Many responded with crying emojis, crying memes, and general hugs and sympathy. They all extended their love for Bretman who decided to stay strong despite the ordeal, telling everyone not to worry about him and that he’d get through it.

“Don’t worry ’bout me,” he wrote. Many flocked to the replies to give him love and say they’d miss the “good morning daddy” videos.

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