Bretman Rock Spreads Awareness for Typhoon Ulysses Victims in Hometown Cagayan

Filipino-American YouTube sensation Bretman Rock took to his social media accounts to share with friends and followers all around the world the current situation of the Philippines, especially his hometown Cagayan, following the devastating Typhoon Ulysses.

Bretman Rock

In the past days since the storm hit, many areas and provinces were left flooded, damaged, and without electricity. Even worse, residents in Cagayan and Isabela were left stranded and desperately calling for help as authorities released excess water in Magat Dam after it reached critical levels.

“Praying for my Home Town in the Philippines, we were struck with 4 typhoons and childhood home is literally submerged underwater…. I know there are so many things happening in the world right now but I just thought I would bring some awareness to this #prayforcagayan,” he first wrote in a Tweet.

On Instagram stories, he opened up on what he felt about the current situation and used his platform to shed light on what’s been happening to the country, especially to those who aren’t aware.

“The past couple of days, [the Philippines has] been struck by many typhoons. I know there’s more on the way. And my town is literally submerged underwater and I mean I can’t really explain far than that, like their town is literally underwater,” he began.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of videos on Twitter of people literally crying and begging for help, and it’s just so crazy to me because those are literally my people—people that I grew up around with and people from my town.”

“While I went on set [for my reality show] today, I was crying and crying because I just could not fathom like how crazy it must be at home,” he continued. “And I’m not asking you guys for donations, I’m really not. I’m just really trying to shed some light on it and share some awareness.”

He also said that people shouldn’t be praising him for using his platform to raise awareness because it’s something he should be doing anyway.

“But what’s really interesting about that is that the government in the Philippines is not doing anything about it,” he added at the end of his video. “I don’t want to get in trouble but the government is really just been acting like nothing is going on and it’s just so crazy to me, honestly, and that’s all I’m gonna say because I don’t want to get in trouble.”

Bretman grew up in Sanchez-Mira, Cagayan before moving to Hawaii, USA at seven-years-old. He last visited his hometown in November 2019 to attend the wake of his late father.

To find out where to donate, click this link.

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