Bretman Rock speaks up about the Anti-Terror bill, shows support for fellow Filipinos

In a time where influencers can sway the decisions of millions of people online, we sometimes turn to them to shed light on issues and movements that need to be talked about and discussed. The words of influencers can really turn the tides, which is why when influencers are silent (especially on matters that we expect them to be vocal about), people are outraged at their choice of silence rather than their demand for justice.

Bretman Rock, a famous beauty influencer who’s also Filipino, received messages about the current situation in the Philippines and he posted a video about it to raise awareness about the Anti-Terror bill that is currently being discussed. He pointed out what the bill entailed and admitted that he still had a lot to learn about it but would be open to being educated more about what the bill had in store. He used his platform to let people know about the situation here–that’s how you use your influence, everybody.

Watcht he video here:

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