Brendon Urie teased a snippet of a new song on Instagram and we’re all panicking!

My early 2000s alternative rock heart is beating faster (faster)!

Panic! At the Disco shaped the person I am today. If it weren’t for their songs, I think I’d be way different (and maybe made better choices in terms of hairstyle back in the day). The last album (“Death of a Bachelor”) was released in 2016 and now our savior Brendon Urie has come down from the musical heavens to deliver the news of an entirely new album already in the works.

Urie took to Instagram Live a few days ago to give us a sneak peak of a song and the note he hits is just magical. Even he can’t seem to contain his excitement about the new release.

The sneak peak:

Watch the entire Instagram Live session here:

I’m going a little nuts over here. Excuse me while I play the entire discography.

Are you excited for new Panic! music? Let us know!

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