Edgy Breastfeeding Portraits by The Boudoir Dolls

When In Manila, breastfeeding has stormed the Philippines like never before with mothers becoming more open to nourishing their precious children this most special way.  Support groups like Breastfeeding Pinays have strengthened in number and even put on big public breastfeeding campaigns (like Hakab Na!) to create awareness of the health and economic benefits of breastfeeding, promote the importance of providing proper support to breastfeeding mothers and ultimately, create a breastfeeding nation.

On a more personal level, breastfeeding for mothers is not an easy task.  To some it may be a walk in the park, to others it may mean dealing with latching, clogged milk ducts, low milk supply, sore and cracked nipples, among others. That added with lack of sleep and wishing to get back in shape can take its toll on being a woman but at the same make being a mom all worthwhile – because motherhood does change you.

You not only go through changes in your body, but your outlook in life changes as well. Where before you just thought of yourself, now you have a mini you to take care of.  Suddenly its the little one’s needs before yours, and you give into that because its called unconditional love.

In terms of body issues, your perspective changes when you see that the body you were once insecure of, is the same body that nourishes your little ones.  Its liberating to feel that.

And we would like to say that you are doing an awesome job!

Your body is a body greatly needed!

On August 29, 2015, with WhenInManila.com as the media partner, we would like to invite all breastfeeding mothers to celebrate both their bodies and their little ones in a one of a kind breastfeeding photoshoot called “Boudoir Breastfeeding – Edgy. Beautifully Bonded”.


Its an edgy take on breastfeeding portraits.  To see how edgy – click here.

It will be held in a secluded spot in the Marina Bay area, Macapagal avenue. Early birds get it at Php 5,000 (from regular price of Php 7,500).  Thats a pretty good deal for a priceless moment captured that you will cherish forever.

You may have a lot of questions and may still feel shy about your body & the shoot so send the Boudoir Dolls an email at theboudoirdolls@gmail.com and your questions and qualms will be answered.

Testimonials from women who went through a Boudoir Breastfeeding shoot :

“Hanggang 6 months lang ako magbreastfeed may mga shoots pa kasi ako” that’s what I’ve said…. that’s what I’ve thought. Now I’ve been breastfeeding for 2 years and counting. Who would have thought I would have reached this far.  Until now I’m still mesmerized at how God designed women, how the body that at one point got you insecure of is the same body that nourishes your child. That same body who gave motherhood that real essence.

– Madoka, mother to Megu, 2 years old

“I believe breastfeeding is an intimate moment shared between a mother and a child regardless if you do it privately or publicly. I know a lot of moms are ashamed of their bodies, (I am guilty of this) but when you realize that the body you hate is the same body that nourishes your baby, the same body that nurtured and carried your little one for 9 months, you begin to appreciate and thank this body for doing such an awesome job!

For me, this photoshoot is a celebration of loving my body in whatever state it is in right now (i.e. mommy tummy, stubborn fats and stretch marks) for I know that this body is greatly needed by my little one at this stage in her life.  Breastfeeding is not forever and I know I only have a year or two left to enjoy this special bond that she and I can only share and I am really glad that I have beautiful photos to look back to and to show her in the future.”

– Kaycee, mother to Katie, 1 year old

Breastfeeding Photography with a Purpose

You are encouraged to donate breastmilk for other babies in need.  It will be discounted off the rate.  One hundred pesos (P100) off for every every 6oz bag. Donations will go to Human Milk Bank.  Kindly store it properly in a cooler so that it won’t spoil and bring it on the day of the shoot.

When In Manila, because breastfeeding is not forever, we invite you to indulge yourself (or to the husbands, reward your wives) in the beauty of a captured moment done by none other than the country’s premier all women-boudoir photography group – The Boudoir Dolls.

The Boudoir Dolls is the premier first all-women group of photographers in the Philippines and Asia catering specifically to women. They have captured the most intimate portraits of over 200 women since 2011 and are continuing to do so by bringing in every shoot their advocacy on body acceptance and being comfortable in your own skin – no matter what age, color, weight and stage in life women are in.

Facebook : theboudoirdolls
Instagram : theboudoirdolls
Email : theboudoirdolls@gmail.com

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