Breaking Stereotypes with Mx. CHE 2017

The stereotype of having paired pageants enclosed to a man and woman has been very prominent even up to today. Unknowingly, these ideals create hindrances for the members of our community with different gender identities and self-representations as they are unable to completely express themselves and exhibit their capabilities in the said field. The perpetuation of these is an example of how most members of the LGBT+ community have been through constant discrimination without the knowledge of many individuals.

As we move towards breaking stereotypes starting from the seven diverse disciplines in our college: Clothing Technology, Community Nutrition, Family Life and Child Development, Food Technology, Home Economics, Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management, and Interior Design – we, the College of Home Economics Student Council, aim to set higher goals through removing the idea of a mainstream beauty pageant. Paving the way for everyone, regardless of their gender identity, to exhibit their creativity, talent, and wit. This year, we stand together with the LGBT+ community’s fight towards equality and aim to inspire the other members of the UP Community and later on, the society outside the University as well.

On its debut, Mx. CHE 2017 welcomes seven unique pairs of hopefuls from the college to compete for the coveted title and numerous other special awards. With their week-long journey to represent their respective programs, these pairs will showcase unity and diversity while highlighting their specific advocacies. The pageant serves as an eye-opener for people that, despite the differences we may have – may it be in our profession or gender, we all have the right to equality.

This November 24, 2017, join us in celebrating the culminating event of CHE Month Spectra: Mx. CHE 2017 at 6 pm at the College of Home Economics, Gusali 2, University of the Philippines – Diliman.

Together, let us share a night filled with festivity as we celebrate our differences and highlight unity in diversity.

Tickets are sold at P50 for pre-orders and P70 for walk-ins.For inquiries please contact Celine Sandil at 0917 570 7559.

Follow the Mx. CHE 2017 Facebook page for more details!

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