Breakfast Spots in Makati: Agahan Restaurant serves all day breakfasts

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WHEN IN MANILA, perk up your day and get a hearty breakfast at Agahan.

agahan breakfast restaurant makati when in manila

ADEE CALUAG – Owner, Agahan

agahan breakfast restaurant makati when in manila1

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But did you know these fun breakfast trivia facts?

○ In the U.S., breakfast is the most frequently skipped meal. About 58% of Americans do not eat breakfast every day.

○ We eat over 9,000,000 loaves of bread every single day. If they were put end to end they would stretch around the world 25 times each year

○ More than a third of all eggs consumed are eaten at breakfast.

agahan breakfast in makati when in manila

Okay, enough about the trivia facts and let’s know more about AGAHAN.  They just opened last November 2011 but is now making noise in Makati.  Since Adee’s favorite breakfast meals from yester-years were still the same meals that she enjoys until now, her love for breakfast turned into AGAHAN. She did a splendid job in giving her restaurant a very cheerful ambiance using bright colorful chairs, walls and place mats. That’s why coming here at any time of the day brings you a GOOD M☼RNING indeed!

Oh, and it is very OK to “hang-out” here, even bringing of laptops is encouraged. They serve unlimited coffee, offer FREE high-speed wifi and they have Hasbro Playing cards, too. (I hope they bring in some Monopoly Deal Cards soon – the Hong Kong version is the best so far hihihi)

hasbro playing cards pldt wifi when in manila

Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast!

Who believes that breakfast meals are comfort foods for many? I certainly do! Whenever I hear breakfast, I automatically associate it with, bacon, eggs, sausages and “silog” meals! I love breakfast meals, but I don’t like waking up early just to be able to get breakfast. Lucky for people like me, AGAHAN serves breakfast ALL DAY ♥ (Filipino-American-Continental breakfast — YUM)

I’ve learned that Adee is into serving quality meals that’s why until now, she’ still in the process of changing and adding items in their menu. (watch out for crispy danggit if she finally finds the perfect supplier).

Also, Agahan is into “healthy living.”  Mind you, their ICED TEA is not your ordinary iced tea. It’s from brewed tea concentrate and sweetened by an organic sugar-free sweetener so Diabetics, rejoice because this iced tea is for you!

Furthermore, eating bacon or other fried dishes wouldn’t make you feel as guilty because Agahan uses CANOLA OIL in all their meals. Hooray for eating healthy!

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Did you know that Agahan’s bacons are shipped all the way from Davao?!

They’re big, crispy and oh so tasty!

bacon and egg breakfast when in manila

The BACON BREAKFAST SET is the best breakfast meal for kids! Once you try it, you just can’t stop having MORE. Agahan even made eating pancakes FUN! Images of butterfly, caterpillar and even spider are imprinted on the round pancakes. Adee, a kid at heart,  made my niece, Sofia Gabrielle,  believe that there was a magical tree in the kitchen where the  “insect helpers” live :p Gabrielle was so amazed and happy to know that her pancakes were special. This made her day!

spider pancakes agahan when in manila

My mom, on the other hand, chose to have the BONELESS BANGUS (Php 130)

boneless bangus when in manila

All “silog” meals were served with garlic rice, egg and 3-in-1 coffee or hot tea. Serving was just right for one person.

We found the bangus a bit dry but it was still good. Usually, we add vinegar to bangus but no need for Agahan’s version of Bangsilog because the bangus itself was already marinated in vinegar (i think?)

We also tried Agahan’s bestsellers – the Tapsilog and Tocilog meals. I find their “silog” meals very budget-friendly. For just Php 110 to Php 150, you can have a full meal already, complete with rice and drink! People who are working in Makati will be happy to know that there are still restaurants in Makati that serve quality food at affordable prices.


tapsilog breakfast agahan when in manila

LIGAYA’s TAPA (Php 150)

I’m a sucker for beef and you can never go wrong with ‘beef in its simplest form.’  Their tapa was wonderful!  It was super tasty, perfect with the garlic rice. Same with their bangus, you don’t need to add vinegar to their tapa because it was so good by itself already, with a little vinegary taste to it.

Now I understand why it is their best seller 🙂

tocilog breakfast agahan when in manila

TOCINO (Php 120)

Agahan’s tocilog was palatable to the local market. Yes, it’s sweet and best paired with a big cup of rice. Filipino taste-buds will enjoy this dish for sure! It might be best to pair the tocilog with  a scrambled egg instead of a sunny-side-up.

orange juice guava cranberry when in manila

AGAHAN offers a variety of breakfast drinks in their menu as well – from your favorite orange juice to the sweet guava juice to healthy cranberry juice. Adee opted not to include the soda drinks in the menu because she wanted to stick to the breakfast concept, but they do serve sodas (by request). And, guess what?! For those who want to stay up late, AGAHAN is now serving a platter of “pulutan” and beer 🙂

agahan platter

 WHEN IN MANILA, have a GOOD MORNING any time of the day –  breakfast and beer-akfast all day at Agahan!

AGAHAN Breakfast Restaurant

Ground Floor, Buma Building,

1012 Metropolitan Avenue,

San Antonio Village, Makati City

Telephone Number: 822-5057

( They deliver! Flat delivery fee of Php 35 for deliveries less than Php 200)

Store Hours: Open DAILY from 7AM to 10PM

 Facebook: Agahan 


WhenInManila photos by JoTan23

Breakfast Spots in Makati: Agahan Restaurant serves all day breakfasts