Brand New Company Unveils New Talent Agency and Virtual Youtubers

Brand New Company announces their new intellectual property (IP), a virtual talent agency dubbed HEYU. Aligned with the announcement, HEYU unveils their first generation of virtual talents or vtubers, a 3-piece music group named RE:NEGADE, in line with their commitment to breaking norms, reshaping the creative and entertainment industry, and raising the standards of what should be brand new.


Photo: Brand New Company

Building a world of “HEYU CAN DO ITs”

During the pandemic, the adoption of virtual content creation has rapidly accelerated, and there has been significant growth of vtubing as a popular form of entertainment. An online personality behind a virtual avatar, Vtubers or Virtual YouTubers are innovating the landscape of online content creation: maximizing fan interactivity and near-limitless creativity. With multiple companies entering the virtual talent space, vtubers have continuously proven to be an innovative way for platforms, audiences, and brands, to interact organically and harness technological advancements in the Gen Z landscape.

HEYU unveils their first generation of vtubers, RE:NEGADE – a 3-piece music group that is composed of Jacki3, a Rebel Robot Rapper (former deceased person), Ru VII, a Vampire Sorceress Rockstar (of many talents), and Gemi9, a Siren Songstress Seeking Solace (not a mermaid). These talents will be regularly streaming their content on YouTube, as well as releasing songs produced by the Brand New Sound Team: THAT 「NEW」SOUND.


Photo: Brand New Company

Alongside HEYU’s CEO and mascot, a talking bunny from Heaven named Mugen, HEYU is led by Brand New Company’s Creative Director, Rob Cham. He is taking his particular set of skills, skills he has acquired over a very long career in comics, animation, illustration, and music, and combining it with his love for vtubers.

“With HEYU, we want to create Hope for Every Young Underdog. HEYU’s main theme to me is something I feel strongly about: perseverance despite failures. It’s as that Japanese clam collector in a river once said, “NEVER GIVE UP!” We built HEYU with that in mind, from the characters, the backstories, the world we’re building, and most especially the music we’ll be producing. We hope to do this in the coolest way possible. Not just me, but Mugen, RE:NEGADE (our first generation of virtual talents), the HEYU team (our artists, writers, musicians, management), and everyone involved from Brand New Company. Hope you are all ready to join us on this wild ride we’re about to get on,” Rob Cham, Brand New Company Creative Director said.

Through HEYU, Brand New Company opens its doors and aims to transform the way aspirants in the creative fields of art, music, and livestreaming are nurtured. With a dedicated team for talent development, design, and sound, HEYU empowers virtual talents to pursue their dreams by offering comprehensive production and marketing support in all aspects. In a world full of “NOT YETs,” HEYU CAN DO IT.

Know more details about HEYU and RE:NEGADE on these channels:

Catch RE:NEGADE’s upcoming individual teasers on the week of the 21st of August, and debut streams on August 31, 2023,