Boyz II Men announces a possible future collaboration with the DIVAS!

The return of the legendary RnB group, Boyz II Men, to the country was a night of nostalgia and spine-tingling musical talent. The arena filled with fans of all ages proved how the music of Boyz II Men has transcended numerous generations after 27 years in the industry. And hearing the resounding screams of people who would now and then sing along to the soothing voices of the group makes one realize how their songs can really reach any listener’s soul.

The show showed exactly why Boyz II Men is still worth listening to and watching live after almost three decades in the industry. Their musicality, soulful songs, combined with their smooth voices make a show that will literally give you chills.

But the real show-stealer of the night was a performance of our own–one that will make you proudly exclaim “Pinoy pride!” The opening act for the Boyz II Men with Divas concert was a show in itself. The Divas, comprised of Kyla, KZ Tandingan, Angeline Quinto, and Yeng Constantino, is a group of artists from different genres coming together for a showcase of musical prowess. From strong rock songs, slow ballads, to snappy jazz numbers, these ladies proved that they are indeed worthy of world recognition.

So, it really wasn’t a surprise when Boyz II Men called the Divas out to sing with them. As they sang Journey’s “Open Arms” together, the amount of talent on-stage was indeed overwhelming.

After a short chat with the Divas on-stage, Boyz II Men made an announcement that was a welcome surprise but wasn’t entirely a shock to anyone in the audience.

“Would you be interested in an album, or a tour, or something?” they asked, which was welcomed with cheers from the audiences. To which KZ replied, “Touch move!”

The artists of Boyz II Men assured the Divas, and the audiences, that this partnership (in whichever form) will indeed happen.

Boyz II Men were pretty serious with making it happen: a collaboration with our very own Divas. While there’s no definite timeline yet as to when we can expect this powerful collaboration to happen, it’s still exciting to know that our very own Divas will be working on something magical with the legends of RnB.

After the announcement, the two talented groups showed their audience what a collaboration would sound like through a dynamic performance of “One Sweet Day.” And as someone who was mesmerized with every performance the whole night, that future collaboration is definitely something to look forward to.

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