Boyfriend Buys Girlfriend Sanitary Pad, Leaves Hilarious Message!!

Guys, be honest: How many of you are ACTUALLY willing to risk life and limb all to buy your girlfriend exactly what she needs to protect herself from the “red tide” (if you know what I mean)?

Okay, risking life and limb MAY be exaggerating it a bit, but when it comes to that time of the month, the ladies have their needs — I cannot tell you how annoyed I get when my boyfriend simply refuses to buy me sanitary pads when I am unable to: either he would insist that I buy it at my most convenient time, which can be hours later (oh you know, because I’m not gushing down there like a red waterfall?!) or he would sweetly ask a female friend to do the deed on his behalf. And I’m pretty sure he isn’t alone in this: virtually every guy I know is uncomfortable with the thought of buying pads for their female loved ones during “Aunt Flo’s visit.”

So see, for men to be able to, well, man up and buy menstrual pads immediately when their girlfriend needs it, is not only sweet: it’s an act of courage. (It really shouldn’t be, but that’s another story for another post.) It means getting past their petty squeamishness (Yo, males, menstruation: it’s a thing!) and being considerate of their female loved one’s needs because it’s part of the female anatomy.

funny sanitary pad boyfriend

This guy does not only define #RelationshipGoals, he is the envy of girlfriends nationwide!! Forget flowers and chocolates to prove your love, can you buy us sanitary pads when we need it the most?! While he clearly doesn’t have an understanding of how pads work (“BTW, with wings yan, kung para san man yon, mas astig pakinggan!”), we appreciate the effort.

You go, kuya!!

Tell us guys: are you willing to buy sanitary pads for your girlfriends?? Ladies, tag a male friend who you know can do this!


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