Boss punches staff who came to work after being told to stay home due to COVID-19 risk

boss punch

Japan is known for its intense work culture such that even if working from home is greatly encouraged, many will still choose to commute and show up to work.

However, with the continuous spread of the new coronavirus, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has declared an official state of emergency in Tokyo, as well as the prefectures of Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Osaka, Hyogo, and Fukuoka.

Additionally, non-essential travel is strongly discouraged.

Nevertheless, this 20-something employee from a construction company in Yamagata Prefecture traveled up to the border to Sendai, in Miyagi Prefecture, on his day off. Upon knowing this, his manager instructed him to just stay home to avoid possibly spreading the virus, just in case. However, the employee refused to do this and showed up for work on Wednesday.

When his manager, 46, saw the employee, he reprimanded him by punching him and hitting him on the head.

With the current COVID-19 crisis all over the world and the employee’s refusal to heed safety instructions, some may find what the manager did as something commendable. Still, police didn’t take this lightly and the manager was arrested. Moreover, since we’re not supposed to be touching our own faces, putting your fist on someone else’s face, especially if you think they might be infected, probably isn’t very good for your health either.

However, always take necessary precautions against COVID-19 seriously.

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