Boracay May Soon Ban Old Tricycles

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It looks like there is a push to ban old tricycles in the tourist hot spot island of Boracay.

According to a post on Manila Bulletin, Town Councilor Nathalie Paderes said there’s a proposal to replace old tricycles with electronic tricycles or e-trikes.

At present, there are 140 units of e-trikes on the island while 527 units are traditional tricycles that use gasoline and are known to emit more pollution, according to Paderes.

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On the other hand, many tricycle drivers in Boracay are against the switch to e-trikes due to the availability of rechargeable batteries on the island. They said that local suppliers allegedly offer specific batteries that don’t charge.

The drivers added that if this issue is solved, they will consider the switch to e-trikes since they also understand that they need to protect the environment.

What do you think of the push for e-trikes in Boracay?