Boracay Could Be a Serene Paradise Again… But It Needs Your Help.

Boracay is set to reopen this October 26 with its full rehabilitation to be done by the end of 2019, but what is it really like at the moment? Justine Devela was recently in Boracay to check the progress of a project and commitments from the Department of Agriculture in line with the Bora rehabilitation. The project is called Urban Agriculture -Pagkain Para sa Masa, and aims to provide and teach the indigenous people community in Boracay to have their own vegetables to consume or sell.

Boracay 3

Boracay 1

According to Justine, the cleanliness of the island has definitely improved o both the front beach and the back side of the island. She adds, “There’s also no bad odor coming from the sea because of improper waste management.”

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Generally speaking, Justine thinks that visitors to the beach will definitely be happy with the improvements so far. “If the governmentt agencies will be able to control the number of people and the compliance of resorts in the long run, it’ll be a serene paradise again,” says Justine. Of course, it goes without saying that Boracay will need your help in order to become that serene paradise of our dreams. This means making sure we do not litter or break any of the new rules that have been put in place for its reopening.

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According to Justine, people can also expect a great beach with great sand – not for partygoers, but for people who appreciate the beach. “If you’ll be able to go there right now, the only downside is the roadworks,” shares Justine. “I’m not sure if they’ll be able to finish this before the opening as it is causing a slight congestion (though Metro Manila is still the worst).”

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Do you plan on visiting Boracay soon?