Boozy Creamery Boasts of Liquor-Infused, Local Ice Cream Flavors

Words and photos by Lorraine Giron 

There may be dozens of new kinds of desserts popping up constantly around the Metro, but one thing is for sure: ice cream will always be a staple treat for Filipinos.

For Filipinos who have an adventurous palate, here’s a brand you should know about—Boozy Creamery, offering handcrafted, artisanal ice cream. Aside from the fact that you’re guaranteed of quality, they put a twist on the local flavors by infusing alcohol in it too!

The entrepreneurs and artisans behind this concept ice cream are upping the standard through their creative ice cream concoctions. They are committed to promoting Philippine local ingredients and making eating ice cream a delightfully unique experience at the same time.

Currently, Boozy Creamery offers eight flavors, priced at PHP 159 per 350 ml. Each flavor contains 5-10% alcohol by volume, so you can feel the “kick” afterwards. It’s affordable and you can have it delivered to your doorstep!

With eight diverse flavors, you’re probably thinking: Which flavor should I try first? Let’s start with their local flavors.

The Baguio Strawberry Wine Cheesecake is a sure bestseller. I personally love the taste and texture as it closely resembles that of a cheesecake. There is a generous amount of strawberries and they complement really well with the cheesecake, giving off a delightful taste.

Lambanog is not the usual drink of Filipinos living in the city. Dubbed as “Coconut Vodka”, this Southern Tagalog distilled palm liquor is known for its potency. Did you know that there are lambanog flavors in the market such as apple, strawberry, and mango, among others  in efforts of promoting it to younger age groups? The Bubblegum Lambanog can definitely appeal to the younger crowd.

When you think of Batangas, you’d immediately think of Kapeng Barako. After all, this type of coffee known for its strong flavor and aroma, is Batangas’ pride. Tiramisu, on the other hand, is a popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert. Combine it together and you have the Kapeng Barako Tiramisu Whiskey. It also gives off the same delicious flavor and aroma, which will make you say “Ala Eh!”

Yema is not only a delicious Filipino-favorite, it is also definitely a classic Pinoy candy, usually wrapped in cellophane. Yema can also be enjoyed in the form of cakes, spreads and other desserts. You can enjoy both the cheesiness and rich sweetness of this childhood favorite in Boozy Creamery’s Drunken Cheesy Yema.

Oreo is an iconic, crowd-favorite flavor. Pair it with other popular flavors like cheesecake and milk tea, and you’re in for a treat. In the Drunken Oreo Cheesecake, the oreo flavor is not overwhelming and is balanced by the cheesecake.

Milk tea lovers should definitely try the , Spiked Oreo Milk TeaSpiked Milk Tea and Boba Infused and Matcha Milk Tea and Boba Infused.

And, ah, matcha—we can’t deny that the Japanese Green Tea has become a hit among Filipinos the recent years. It can be enjoyed not only as a drink but also as a dessert. The Spiked Matcha Milk Tea and Boba Infused brings out the earthy flavor of the matcha.

It’s like enjoying your favorite milk tea with toppings—in ice cream form! What could be better than that?

With all that creamy goodness, ordering one pint is definitely not enough!  Luckily, Boozy Creamery also offers a 1.9 Liter Tub priced at PHP 799. I can guarantee the splurge is totally worth it. Now, you can share the happiness with your family or friends – or maybe you can finish all of it by yourself?

As of this writing, Boozy Creamery does not have physical stores yet. However, it has two pick-up locations in Metro Manila:

LRT2 J.Ruiz Station (San Juan, Metro Manila)
Inside Village East Executive Homes Cainta, Rizal

You can check out their social media sites to order.

Facebook: @boozycreamery 

Instagram: @boozycreamery 

Which of their flavors are you interested to try?  Let us know in the comments!


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