Boost Tech-Powered Social Impact with TechFest 2021!

With e widespread advancement and use of technology in society today, it has influenced the way we live through its user-friendly features that eases our lifestyles completely.

Its convenience and practicality, especially during the ongoing pandemic, has piqued the interest of many—especially the youth. However, most students and professionals alike have no idea where to gain the knowledge to pursue advanced studies on technology.

In light of this, DSC Loyola was born through the advocacy to “uplift communities through technology.” Developer Student Clubs (DSC) Loyola is a student-led organization based in the Ateneo de Manila University. The organization is powered by Google Developers, whose objective is to empower the skills and networks of students interested in the world of development by providing access to various technologies such as Google Developer technologies. Being able to use technology to help solve societal issues paved the way for DSC Loyola to organize events and projects such as HackFest, Tech Everywhere, DevCast, Linked Up, and Playground. 

Now, DSC Loyola is inviting you to power up with us through TechFest 2021, a 2-day student-run virtual international technology conference that discusses the latest technologies in the fields of Web Development, Mobile Development, and Artificial Intelligence. By bringing together world-class tech experts from around the world, this event aims to provide aspiring developers opportunities to discover practical applications of modern technologies.

Technology is all around us, and we want to talk about what’s happened, what’s happening, and what’s next for us in the coming years of technological advancements. TechFest bridges theory and practice by providing a combination of basic and intermediate-level technical talks and workshops free of charge. DSC Loyola wants to give everyone the chance to participate and join us in this journey of further advancing our knowledge and skill set on technology and its different fields.

Hence, this event will not be restricted to just the students of the Ateneo but will be open to ALL college students and professionals from all over the country who are passionate about technology and are looking to develop their basic skills on Web Development, Mobile Development, and Artificial Intelligence. 

TechFest 2021 will take place on May 15-16, 2021, 9:00AM-4:00PM (GMT+8) via Zoom and Facebook Livestream.

To give you a more detailed explanation about this event head on over to our primer:!

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