Booktique: Online Boutique for you and your Books




When in Manila and looking for a store for your books‘ needs, then Booktique is for you! 



Booktique is an online shop specially made for your books. If you’re a really organized person like me and you feel iffy when your books aren’t  aligned, or their covers are getting tampered with; Booktique has items you can purchase so that your books are in proper hands.



Here are the top 5 Booktique  items I  want for my books and for myself :



5. Book straps (Php 395)



Now this is an item essential for people who carries lots of books everyday. With this book strap you can carry your books without the hassle holding them in one arm. It makes everything easier for you. To add to that, your books won’t take up space in your bag anymore and will even make you appear smart because you’d look like a bookish and studious person when you’re carrying these. HAHA!





You can choose from different designs!





Your books are safe and secure in this book strap