Book Covers Made Easy With CoverUp!

Admit it, covering books has always been tedious especially when you have a lot of books piled up to cover. I’m sure a lot of you out there share the same sentiment as mine and wish that there be a shortcut to–

  • cutting tapes,
  • measuring and cutting the correct size of plastic cover,
  • folding and holding the plastic in place while sticking the tape,
  • removing the dirt and strands of hair that stick to the plastic cover
  • and most of all, not damaging the book/notebook when you accidentally do it wrong.

When In Manila, fret no more because self-adhesive book covers are now available in the market! Read on and let’s CoverUp!

Book Cover CoverUp5

Book Covers with CoverUp!

CoverUp! is a self-adhesive plastic cover for books, notebooks, and other bound materials. As easy as three steps, you already have your books covered and protected from spills and dirt!

Book Cover CoverUp6

What you need is only a pair of scissors, ruler (optional) and a book cover by CoverUp and you’re ready to go.

First thing to do is measure  and cut the size of book cover to use. Be sure to leave at least an inch allowance on sides.

Book Cover CoverUp7

Then if you’re okay with the size, peel sticker until the middle. This is where you will place the spine your book which will serve as your guide when sticking the cover.

Book Cover CoverUp8

Book Cover CoverUp9

Carefully slide cover and stick to one side of the book. You may opt to use ruler when sticking the cover. Do the same on the other side.

Book Cover CoverUp10

Book Cover CoverUp11

Lastly, fold the book cover edges in towards the book to secure.

Book Cover CoverUp13

Done! You have successfully CoveredUp!

Book Cover CoverUp14

Here’s another notebook I covered with CoverUp!


CoverUp! provides convenience, style and protection for crafters and book lovers. It is sold as merchandise in rolls for Php 149-249/roll and comes in 13.20 x 50 clear or patterned roll. CoverUp! is exclusively available at Fully Booked stores (Rockwell and The Fort) and online.

So, When In Manila, enjoy the art of covering books, be creative with CoverUp! For more crafty finds, check out


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Book Covers with CoverUp!


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