Bono, Zipline and Philippine Red Cross to Launch a Medical Delivery Service by Drone

One man comes in the name of love and that man is Bono. While most of the foreign acts that come here just give us an unforgettable evening of great setlist or a memorable performance, Bono’s visit to the Philippines is more than just delivering an epic show.

Bono expressing his passion for helping people and Zipline

Bono expressing his passion for helping people

Over 100 million Filipinos living in remote places do not get access to healthcare. Last-mile transportation is one factor; but other than that, it becomes more challenging when natural disasters occur and roads become inaccessible. During these hellish situations, most often than not, death is the result.

U2 frontman, philanthropist, and Zipline Board Member Bono has put an end to this problem with Philippine Red Cross Chairman and CEO Senator Dick Gordon, and Zipline co-founder and CEO Keller Rinaudo through Zipline, an instant drone delivery service that can immediately deliver vital medical supplies to Filipinos living in places where the streets have no names.

Signing Ceremony

Philippine Red Cross and Zipline Signing Ceremony

During the Philippine Red Cross and Zipline Signing Ceremony on December 10, 2019, Bono announced that this partnership between Philippine Red Cross and Zipline will launch on 2020 and will start with delivering blood from Philippine Red Cross. However, this will soon expand to sending over 100 critical and life-saving medical products to these areas.

Zipline CEO and co-founder Keller Rinaudo stated that it is important to utilize technology. Through this transformative and revolutionary new service, the lives of the most vulnerable will have a chance to live longer and healthier.

Keller Rinaud informing us how Zipline started

Keller Rinaud informing us how Zipline started

According to Rinaud, Zipline wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Bono. The inspiration to create something so innovative and ingenious as Zipline was from the work that Bono did in his campaign to fight against AIDS and extreme poverty in Africa.

Through this initiative, they have found an opportunity to save lives. Being a disaster-prone country, the Philippines will no longer have a reason why people living in the most outlying areas can’t get access to basic health needs.

The medical delivery drones will be able to transport about 1.8 kilos of cargo and can fly up to 145 kilometers an hour despite high winds and rain. All the health workers need to do is place an order through text message and they can get their medical deliveries in half an hour.

Sen Dick Gordon introducing PRC partnership with Zipline

Sen Dick Gordon introducing PRC partnership with Zipline

On another note, Bono also informed the press that he has been a member of Amnesty International all his life and he takes human rights very seriously when asked about the Duterte administration.

“I understand when progress is made, people make compromises on that progress. And I’ll just say, you can’t make compromises for human rights. That’s my soft message to the President,” he says.

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