Bono Artisanal Gelato: The REAL Scoop

When In Manila, we can no longer deny that summer is really here. From the cool weather when the year started, we are now experiencing the extremely HOT, hot heat of the sun! Good thing about it is, this is time of the year when we enjoy eating cold treats… like GELATO perhaps? Check out this really cool Gelato place we’ve spotted–BONO Artisanal Gelato!


Bono Artisanal Gelato Overview

Bono Artisanal Gelato

Welcome to Bono! A small Gelato store just beside one of the entrances from Glorietta to SM Makati. To easily spot it, it is right in front of Cafe France located at the 2nd floor.


Bono Artisanal Gelato makes their gelato FRESH everyday! Ranging from 8 to 14 flavors per day, you will surely have something to enjoy! No to gels, pastes, preservatives, colorings, flavorings and anything artificialNOT NOW, NOT EVER! Bono Artisanal Gelato sees to it that they makes gelato mixed with only the FINEST ingredients imported from different countries all over the world.  


Bono Artisanal Gelato Motto 

Not only the real ingredients but also the churning slowly and processing for 12-20 hours before a flavor is out makes Bono Gelato‘s gelato stand out from all the others. In Bono, gelato is carefully stored until flavor comes out into full bloom. Then you get the best flavor you can have.


Mixing at its best!


We were given the privilege to try their best sellers, which of course got me so excited! Yay! I love ice creams, yogurts and anything cold and creamy. What do you think makes gelato an exception? 


Ohh soo yummmy gelato only by Bono Gelato! 


Your gelato can be placed in a cone or in cup, depending on the your preference. Gelato-in-cup comes in double, single and small cups. With regards to flavors, best sellers include the SPECULOOS, which is made of belgian cookie butter; the all-time-favorite PISTACCHIO and the oh-so-chocolatey BROWNIE FUDGE. If unique is what you are looking for, then you should try CEREAL & MILK which is made with cornflakes that makes eating a cup of cereal a whole lot better! 

MOVIE NIGHT, on the other hand, is made of potato crisps with caramel. Something you should look forward for. Definitely a favorite of the LittleRunningTeacher!


Gelato in waffle cones 



 Gelato-in-cup: Double serve, single serve and small serve



Yummy gelato for a happy tummy!


Just hearing the names of flavors made me wonder how each one tastes like. Especially when I saw LAVENDER or the SUMMER LAVENDER. Yes, you are right, the lavender we’re talking about is the lavender flower itself. I just had to taste it! And the verdict—it’s so refreshing because it’s flowery, in a good sense. I love how it tastes like, how it smells like lavender, and that it is not too sweet. A unique find for me! 

For those who love spicy food… Let me introduce you to Bono Gelato’s Peperoncino with Siling Labuyo! I’m not mistaken, it’s siling labuyo. We first didn’t believe that it is possible too. Sili incorporated into gelato? Wondered how gelato can be sweet and spicy at the same time… That’s what makes BONO different from other gelato stores–they surprise you with the flavors they produce. I personally loved this flavor since I find it exotic and challenging to the tongue. It gives a twist to the taste making me want more.

bono gelato

Bono Gelato’s Peperoncino with Siling Labuyo


More flavors include Cioccolato which is made of 70% pure dark chocolate, Stracciatella or Italian Chocolate Chip and Strawberries and Prosecco which are both made with no milk so looks much like Sherbet. We were also lucky to be the first customers to taste their Coffee Honeycomb flavor! 


Us enjoying the Coffee Honeycomb Flavor


Besides the good and unique flavors Bono Gelato offers, they have a great set of crews who are friendly and accommodating–all ready to give you what you need. 


Friendly crew ready to serve you at Bono Gelato!


So When In Manila, when you are so overwhelmed with the extreme heat of the sun, head over to Bono Gelato and grab a flavor of your choice! You’ll surely enjoy the taste of their gelato as it melts in your mouth! Surprisingly, they make 1-2 new flavors per week. So you really won’t get tired of them! Bono Appetito


Cheryl a.k.a. LittleRunningTeacher and me posing with our Bono Gelato.



and the rest of the gang goes loco with Bono!



 Words of wisdom from Bono Gelato



 Bono Appetito!


BONO Artisanal Gelato

2/F SM Makati, Near Cafe France

Facebook Page: Bono Gelato

Twitter: @BONOgelato

Instagram: @BONOgelato


 Bono Artisanal Gelato: The REAL Scoop


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