This Boneless Fried Chicken Comes in a Takoyaki Flavor – and It Is Delicious

Do you love boneless fried chicken? If you think you’ve tried all of the different flavors possible for boneless fried chicken out there, then think again. We recently tried one that you might not have tried before: Takoyaki.

Photo from Gang Gang Chicken

Gang Gang Chicken is a concept that was born during the pandemic. It was created as a cloud kitchen concept to save the restaurant BOA Asian Flavors from closing down as the F&B industry was badly hit last year. They launched online in June 2020, offering boneless fried chicken for delivery… but their boneless fried chicken is different.

Unlike other boneless chicken brands you might find in the market, Gang Gang Chicken offers high quality taste even inside. That’s right. You won’t just get the flavors from the chicken skin (that is hella crispy, by the way!); the entire chicken is incredibly flavorful and oh-so-good.

Photo from Gang Gang Chicken

Also, while many boneless chicken brands limit their flavor options to Korean-leaning flavors, Gang Gang chicken knows that there is limitless potential in this crowd favorite food. “We only have two guidelines when it comes to our flavor offerings,” they share. “One: we make sure we have the flavors familiar to most so as not to alienate our customers. And two: we make sure that we constantly offer unique flavors on rotation in our menu so we can allow for innovation.” That’s where their delicious takoyaki flavor comes in.

If you haven’t tried takoyaki chicken before, now is the time to do so. Gang Gang’s Teriyaki Chicken comes with all the same bells and whistles as actual takoyaki: the sauce, the bonito flakes, and all the delicious flavors. It may sound strange, but trust us when we say it is well worth it. Sooooo gooooood! It really isn’t any wonder why their brand has been doing so well and why their customers keep coming back for more.

Photo from Gang Gang Chicken

After only 20 weeks, Gang Gang’s sales rose and they were able to open their own storefront in November 2020 along with a second location along Visayas Avenue, both of which have experienced an increase in daily sales. Today, they have opened their first franchise branch in The Hub, Mayon St. Quezon City and they are looking to open more stores this year.

Although it may be true that there are other similar brands out there that offer the same products at a lower price, you can expect nothing but great value from Gang Gang Chicken. Their brand promise is that they have real taste – not just the sauce – and it requires higher quality ingredients to fulfill that promise. You won’t regret giving Gang Gang Chicken a try. We highly recommend it!

Gang Gang Chicken


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