Bone Appetit from Dog-Apetreat: Homemade and All-Natural Snacks for Your Pooch

Hey, dog parents! Finding the perfect present or treat for your sweet and loyal companions? Aside from cute outfits, like Poppyluca’s adorable accessories, foods and treats are also a must! Dog-apetreat’s dog treats are the perfect little snacks for your pooch as everything is homemade and all natural!

Dogapetreat Display AllCute packaging + delicious content = recipe for a happy dog and owner

Dog-apetreat started off as a passion project by a culinary student with the passion for cooking and a love for dogs. Seeing how much her dogs loved the treats she made, she decided to share the happiness and started up Dog-apetreat!

Dogapetreat Close Up
Beef Liver Crisps (50g)

Dogapetreat Display
(L-R): Beef Heart Crisps (50g), Beef Liver Crisps (50g), and Oh Snaps (50g)

Dogapetreat Spilled Treats
Oh Snaps (50g)

With a wide variety of treats on their menu, Dog-apetreat offers freshly made and unique treats like duck jerky, rabbit meat, various chews, gummy hearts made from nutritious ingredients, and more! They are guaranteed to leave your dog wanting more (I know my dogs can’t get enough!). The best part is that these dog treat sizes are easily customizable to suit the wants and needs of your dog for their convenience.

Dogapetreat Compiled Treats
Dog treats galore!

 Dogapetreat Luli
Keeping her eye on the prize.

You can order some calming treats on Amazon or some other dog treats via their Instagram account, @dogapetreat or visit their partner store for on-hand buying. Dog-apetreat also participates in local bazaars, where they sell limited edition treats like goat jerky, so keep on a look out for updates via their social media sites!


Instagram: @dogapetreat