Bogart the Explorer is in the Hospital, Asks Everyone to Pray for His Recovery

Oh, no! Bogart the Explorer is in the hospital… and in diapers.

The foodie and overall explorer posted a photo on Instagram a couple of hours ago of himself on a hospital bed with the caption,” I was born in a time where most parents used the ever tipid LAMPIN instead of the convenient diaper on their babies. Well, you know what they say, AGE is only a number.” In true Bogart fashion, he makes light of the situation with hashtags like “catheters are necessary evils”, “big baby”, “these things are really comfy”, and “I wipe my own butt, thank yuou very much”.


In a previous Instagram post, Bogart shared how he came to be at the hospital in the first place. Apparently, he was involved in a freak surfing accident over the weekend where the impact was so strong, his surfboard’s fin broke off and cut his right leg. “The main vein in my right leg was cut but missed my main artery by 1cm,” he shares.


Bogart will be needing multiple operations of reconstructive surgery and skin grafting, blood transfusions and physical therapy to be able to walk again. While he is stable at the moment, he asks everyone to pray for his recovery while he is in Davao waiting for more operations.

Get well soon, Bogart!

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