BlueWater Day Spa Celebrates Six Years with Top Celebrities and Friends






Since it first opened its doors some six years ago, BlueWater Day Spa has created an image of distinction by presenting new concepts and services to heighten the then burgeoning spa experience in Manila. It birth couldn’t have been more auspicious. Created at a time when Manila—especially its harried urbanites whose careers demand more than their fair share of time and effort—awakened to the significance of downtrending and downtiming, BlueWater Day Spa immediately distinguished itself from the crop of newly-built spas by offering services that address the holistic development of its clients.


Karylle Tatlonghari and Vince Golangco BlueWater-Day-Spa-Anniversary-Event-Karylle-Mika-Lagdamayo-more-90


“We wanted to create a haven where people do not just obtain temporary relief from the stresses of their daily lives and lifestyles. We do not simply offer instant wellness but a complete and comprehensive treatment that guarantees wholeness. BlueWater Day Spa believes in giving customers therapies that significantly improve their well-being and restore their balance so that they are able to face the demands of their lives and careers with a sense of happiness, confidence and, of course, a healthy mind and body. That explains the tagline ‘Innovating Wholeness’. It is not just a slogan, but a maxim we live by and adhere to,” says BlueWater Day Spa’s Vice President Mr. Ryan Simisim.


BlueWater Day Spa's Patrick and Francis  Simisim Fabio Ide and Daniel Matsunaga


Patty Betita, Bong Regala, Izza Agana, Rikka Dy-Lim, Lou Bunji, Lou France Pareja Reese Fernandez with Rags2Riches Inc Staff and Board Members


This corporate motto has helped guide the directions BlueWater Day Spa takes and define the menu of services that it introduces to the market. Today, BlueWater Day Spa continues to find new ways to satisfy the market by introducing more innovative treatments that address wider health and beauty concerns. With the new line-up of services, BlueWater Day Spa has also secured the endorsement of some of the country’s most innovative and creative personalities. 


Guarana Band BlueWater Day Spa


“These personalities are not just endorsers out to promote BlueWater Day Spa and its services. These individuals are our ‘ambassadors’ in the sense that they embody the values that BlueWater Day Spa live by—such as commitment, dedication, creativity and innovation. Their personalities, their undertakings and achievements, as well as their aspirations for a better country and a better world, exemplify BlueWater Day Spa’s own desire to make this world a more ideal place to live in,” intones BlueWater Day Spa’s CEO and President Ms. Mary Simisim.


BWDS Anna Lampa with Sense and Style's Margaux Salazar and Shaira Luna Blogging Community join in the fun


BlueWater-Day-Spa-Anniversary-Event-Karylle-Mika-Lagdamayo-more-87 BlueWater-Day-Spa-Anniversary-Event-Karylle-Mika-Lagdamayo-more-12


BlueWater Day Spa’s eight innovators and wholeness ambassadors include athlete, journalist and triathlon coach Andy Leuterio, international classical concert pianist and musical director Angelo Ortiz, publishing executive and finance expert Blanca Mercado, social entrepreneur Illac Diaz, environmental TV show host Kiko Rustia, strategic broker and wellness activist Conrad Perreras, model, entrepreneur and money broker Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, and social business leader Reese Fernandez-Ruiz.


BWDS Management and Ambassadors


BlueWater Day Spa’s wholeness ambassadors also represent its new portfolio of services that represent groundbreaking techniques, innovative treatments and technologically advanced machinery to help one achieve a healthier body, more beautiful skin and a peaceful mind.


BWDS Innovating Wholeness Ambassadress Karylle Tatlonghari BWDS Innovating Wholeness Ambassadress Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez


These treatments include massage therapies as Athlete’s Massage, Foot Reflexology, Traditional Filipino Hilot, Hand Restoration Treatment, Combo Herbal Massage, Cellulite Melter Massage; machine treatments that include the Revita Shape Treatment and Revita Firming Treatment, and facial and skin processes like the FPL (Fluorescent Pulse Light) Non-Surgical Facelift, Radiant Facial Treatment and Men’s Vitality Facial Treatment.


Mikaela Martinez and Karylle Tatlonghari DJ Vince Golangco and BWDS VP Francis Simisim


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BlueWater Day Spa Celebrates Six Years with Top Celebrities and Friends