Blue Roast Flight 013

Blue Roast 2013 poster with logos


Calling all Passengers to BR 13, Flight 2013: Ateneo Seniors Signing Off

Now that all is set, it is time for the seniors to take flight.

Batch 2013 of the Ateneo de Manila University invites everyone to this year’s Blue Roast, an evening dedicated to reminiscing the years of the seniors’ college lives and looking forward to the adventure that awaits them after.

“Batch 2013 is not just leaving Ateneo but we’re about to have a new adventure, a new beginning for us in the real world,” shares Bettina Siojo, co-pilot of this year’s Blue Roast.  “It’s scary and exciting at the same time but we know that Ateneo has prepared us for it. Our bags are packed with our treasured memories and most of all with what Ateneo taught us from the very start. Batch 2013 is bound to fly high.”

Roasted calf and beer will be served for everyone’s enjoyment. For in-flight entertainment, there will be performances by the Company of Ateneo Dancers and the Ateneo Musicians Pool, as well as She’s Only Sixteen, Spongecola and many others. The 49 presidents under the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo will be keeping the guests of the night entertained with a special number. Faculty members will also be joining in the fun; but to find out how so, make sure you don’t miss the flight!

BR 13 (Flight 2013) will take off on March 20, 2013, at the Bellarmine Field in the Ateneo de Manila campus. Expected time of departure is at 6:00 in the evening.

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Blue Roast Flight 013