“Blood Moon” Can Be Seen on Saturday

For all you eclipse lovers, another one is coming your way!

lunar eclipse

Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin

A “blood moon”, or a total lunar eclipse will occur this Saturday, and can be seen in the Philippines as a partial lunar eclipse!

According to Manila Bulletin, PAGASA said that the lunar eclipse will be seen in the Western half of North America, Oceania, Australasia and eastern Asia. It will also take place from 4:51 PM to 11 PM, Philippine Standard Time.

The report also said that in Manila, the moon will rise at 6:02 PM on Saturday, and will set at 6:10 AM on Sunday.

Lunar eclipses are also reportedly safe to watch and unlike solar eclipses, do not require protective eyewear to watch.

A blood moon is the phenomenon that occurs during a total lunar eclipse, where the moon appears reddish-brown. A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, Earth, and the moon are directly aligned.

Will you be watching the lunar eclipse on Saturday? Let us know below!