Blogapalooza is for #ResponsibleMedia

Blogapalooza is for #ResponsibleMedia

The command of media in the Philippines is incontestable. The role of media as influencers of public opinion and judgment is something that we all acknowledge.

With the many challenging issues that society faces every day, each individual can be an instrument of change. Every person has the power to make things trend and be discussed to a greater extent – this includes important matters of concern to public interest. A little push from celebrities and influencers, however, enables an issue to take flight easier and more effectively. Celebrities and influencers hold so much power to change the mindsets of people. This power entails the social responsibility of being agents of change and putting to good use the power to influence. In addition to this, Filipinos are one of the most active users of social media; possibly one of the top creators and consumers of social media content.

Vince Golangco

With this, Blogapalooza, in partnership with Project Headshot Clinic, aims to initiate an online campaign called #ResponsibleMedia, a social media advocacy movement designed to promote a smarter and wiser media landscape, where important issues are encouraged to be discussed openly and objectively, and to a greater extent. The objective of this movement is to open discussions about imperative issues involving the interest of the general Filipino public, examples of which are the 2016 National Elections, climate change, Lumad killings, FIBA, state of Philippine Cinema, Manila transportation system, etc. The vision is for consumers and creators of content to talk about the country’s most pressing and most relevant issues in a richer and more profound manner, enabling the emergence of a wiser and smarter public that cares and is knowledgeable about the significant forces that drive the country’s swings and sways.

Niccolo Cosme RJ Ledesma

#ResponsibleMedia, however, still aims to make it personal for all its ambassadors and advocates. We aim for the ambassadors to share news and create content relevant to them in their own respective fields – be it in fashion, beauty, sports, showbiz, music, art, travel, food, technology, and other subjects closer to their hearts, even personal relationships or personal experiences. Ambassadors can create and share content that is relevant in their field of interest, keeping the integrity of the social media advocacy. The goal is to keep the content angled in such a way that media as a catalyst for change is highlighted.

Karen Bordador

The pen (or in the age of technology and connectivity, social media) is, and will always be, mightier than the sword. We want to be seen as “issue champions” – instrumental to how the public perceives issues. We want to pave the way for a Filipino populace that is well-informed and keeps an eye on matters of concern.

James Deakin 

The hashtag for this movement is #ResponsibleMedia. Responsible media is objective and not askew, allowing for different perspectives to be represented. It is proactive and responsive to the call for relevance and integrity of content. It promotes love for country, care for countrymen, trustworthiness in creation and sharing of content, and ethical media practice.

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