Suki Jewelry: Every Millennial Girl’s Best Friend

There’s something about jewelry that attracts a crowd. Much like moth to a flame, I am instantly drawn by objects that shine, especially ones that are 18 carat. The scintillation is hypnotic and I am left wondering if I would be better off spending a month’s paycheck on a gorgeous pearl ring. I would be hungry but happy…right?

Growing up as a millennial, however, means growing up in a broken economy where you’re barely making enough for rent, so buying earrings isn’t at the top of your priority list. The high markups on designer brand jewelry at malls are no joke and if you’re familiar with the infamous “Why aren’t millennials buying more diamonds?” headline, then you will likely know that we are spending too much on avocado toast and not enough on bijouterie.

Trendy neon to light up the night alongside those diamonds.

Enter Suki Jewelry, a name that translates in Japanese as “to light and love”. In Tagalog, it means a whole different thing—suki—but they are both what the brand aims to achieve: to bring light and love into your life, even if you’re not exactly a “self-made” billionaire like Kylie purportedly is.

Charlene Cabigas, co-owner of Suki Jewelry.

It was a gray afternoon in Makati when Suki Jewelry launched the first two collections of their brand: a very new and very millennial fine jewelry line conceptualized and created by Charlene and Aaron Cabigas. Atop a corner cafe on Polaris Street, a simple but very fashionable event was thrown, allowing influencers, media reps, and friends to gather around glass cases and ogle the gold and diamonds on display. Lucky for us, we were allowed to try them on, as well.

Suki Jewelry is all about quality, transparency, and individuality. All their designs and manufacturing are made in Bulacan by local artisans. Aaron Cabigas himself is a third generation jeweler, so you know you’re in good hands. Charlene Cabigas acknowledges the truth in how personal jewelry shopping can be and so husband and wife are here to offer you a hassle-free, no-frills experience with only the best they have to offer.

Treat yoself.

When it comes to Suki Jewelry, you don’t have to compromise. The main goal of their brand is to find that sweet compromise between quality and accessibility.

The first line unveiled at the event was their Essentials Collection. Simple and straightforward, the inspiration came from the constantly evolving elements of day to day life. It is wearable and functional, perfect for the hardworking girl boss in you.

The second collection is called Industrial Luxe. Offering accessories in geometric designs with more texture, Industrial Luxe is all about playing out a paradox and striking a balance between classic style and modern influence.

As of the moment, Suki Jewelry is mainly run through their website and Instagram account, but hopefully they’ll start doing pop-up stores next year. A great investment at an equally great price, Suki Jewelry is perfect for those of you looking to invest in timeless pieces.

Suki Jewelry




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